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Science, History and the Natural World

  • *New this week* Millions of Olive Ridley Turtles Hatched in India: restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic are impacting wildlife around the world, including in India. 
  • *New this week* Pollinators: understanding bees and how we can protect and help them. Courtesy of David Suzuki Foundation. 
  • *New this week* How Nature Makes Clean Water: how does a watershed work?
  • *New this week* Biomimicry: the innovators using nature's design principles to create green tech.
  • *New this week* 30 Minute Highlights Tour of the Oxford University Museum: the presenter explorer and deep sea diver Paul Rose gets a tour of the "Take One Museum" which houses a Victorian cathedral devoted to the study of natural science. 
  • *New this week* Spot the Bird: play a game of "I Spy" outdoors.
  • TedEd: How Far Would You Go to Escape Gravity? Every star, black hole, human being, smartphone and atom are all constantly pulling on each other due to one force: gravity. So why don't we feel pulled in billions of different directions? And is there anywhere in the universe where we'd be free of its pull? Rene Laufer details the inescapability of gravity. 
  • Can Anything Escape the Black Hole? Almost nothing can escape the black hole, but...
  • Blue Whales 101: blue whales are the largest animals to have ever existed. Learn why they're larger than any land animal and why they were hunted for years, making them endangered. Courtesy of Nat Geo Wild. 
  • National Geographic: Reconstructing Spinosaurus, a gigantic aquatic predator. Explore how scientists discovered the largest predator ever lived and hunted almost entirely in the water.
  • Natural Conservancy: youth engaging field trips Explore the world in these virtual field trips from sea to sky.
  • Why do we have feelings? Feelings and Emotions for kids.  
  • Explore by the Seat of Your Pants: Join daily live-streams hosted by the world's leading scientists. Learn about nature's marvels, the animal kingdom and much more. 
  • Children's video: The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather courtesy of Neag Planetarium at Reading Museum 
  • TEDEd Early Birds vs Night Owls: do you wake up early every day or do you stay up late every night? What effect might this trait have on your personality? Intelligence? Success rate? Watch this animated science video to find out. 
  • How Nature Makes Clean Water.
  • Yellow Stone Park: many virtual tours available for this massive park that spans across the states of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana in the USA. The first national park declared in 1872, there are geysers, canyons, rivers, mountains and wide variety of wildlife like bears, wolves, bisons and elks.  
  • The Best Wildlife Photographs of the Year 2019:  an annual competition organized by London's Natural History Museum. Explore the gallery across winners from the past across multiple award categories.  
  • Take a Virtual Tour of 2 Recently Excavated Homes in Pompeii, Italy: narrated drone footage of preserved daily life in the ancient city. 
  • Chasing Coral: Beneath the waves, coral reefs are dying on a massive scale. These scientists and filmmakers are fighting to stop it. Watch this trailer or the full film on YouTube. 
  • Amazing time elapsed sky photography video shot over northern Scotland and Iceland. This is a video of footage shot over 2 years by Maciej Winiarczyk.  
  • Explore the Canadian Arctic by Google Maps and 360 view of Iqaluit.   
  • Hear and identify the Birdsongs of 15 Birds  
  • David Suzuki presents the Nature of Things: Songbird SOS (a full episode of 44 mins). The music of songbirds is vanishing from our forests, fields, and gardens. The change has been gradual, barely noticeable, but now the growing silence is alarming.  
  • The Apollo 13 Mission in Real Time:  A real-time journey through the Apollo 13 mission. This multimedia project consists entirely of original historical mission material. Relive the mission as it occurred in 1970. 
  • National Geographic Kids: Age-appropriate content for kids to learn about national science, animals and geography Ology by Museum of Natural History offers tons of online games, printed hand on projects, videos, info and interviews from real scientists, plus more.

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