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COVID-19 Update 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be program disruptions, changes and facility closures. We continue to offer alternative ways to serve the community. Learn about Newmarket's approach to reopening and for current information and resources. For any inquiries, please email



​All programs facilitated by the Town of Newmarket welcome participation of all abilities. We provide a welcoming, comfortable and inclusive environment to encourage participation, with the goal of supporting the individual person's progress. In addition, there are specialized courses with increased levels of support in varying settings. 

The Town of Newmarket is dedicated to ensuring all individuals have a successful  recreation experience.  There are times when a participant requires more support than our program ratios are able to provide. In these cases, we strongly recommend consulting with us about our support options.


How do I know if additional support is required?

Additional support is required if:

· Extra support is required at school

· A disability exists that could affect the safety of the participant or other participants

· Extra support is required at home for basic care

· Participant is associated with support agency and/or program

· Participant has a safety plan with their educational institution

· There are behaviours to be managed (ie. Biting, scratching, pinching, etc)


Families are required to complete an All About Me package to help staff with any program adaptations. When considering a recreation experience, please consider the individual needs, and that recreation in an integrated setting may not be suitable for all persons. The health and safety of participants and staff is paramount. Any actions or behaviours which contravene this policy could result in a participant being denied access to the program.


Are staff available to provide support?

Yes, in most cases arrangements for one-to-one support can be made. There is an additional hourly cost that is the responsibility of the family. When a Town of Newmarket Inclusion Facilitator is provided, the fee for the program will be reduced by 50%. Some exceptions will apply. The program discount will not be applied with any other discounts or funding streams. Families are entitled to apply for one free week of one-to-one support at camp with the purchase of 1 or more weeks of one-to-one support at the regular rate.


Can I provide my own inclusion support worker?

Yes, you may provide your own support worker. We require that they provide us with a Vulnerable Sector Screening and complete a Support Worker Registration. Please be aware that we require the support worker to participate in all activities. 

The Town of Newmarket attempts to accommodate requests for additional support for individuals with special needs. However, due to the number of requests for additional support or level of care required, support cannot be guaranteed.

Please Note: We may ask that an individual be paired with a support person considering the health and safety of the individual and staff, provincial regulations and the Town of Newmarket's own policies.


To apply, contact Inclusion Recreation Programmer at (905) 953-5300 ext. 2821 or