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Steve Foglia, Chairperson for Newmarket Accessibility Advisory Committee


Government of Canada: Employment and Social Development


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This humorous talk is being given by someone who is unable to speak - and that's just the point. People can't appreciate what they have not experienced and most of us have not lived our lives with a disability. Sean shares his experience with the hope that collectively we look differently at people who appear different from us.


The View From Here: My Path to Disability Advocacy | Liam Doyle | TEDxVermilionStreet

Liam Doyle discusses the obstacles he faces as a person with a disability living in an inaccessible city.



Why Is Space Travel Easier Than Taking a Train If You're Disabled? | Tanyalee Davis | TEDxLiverpool

As a Canadian-American stand up comedian, who happens to be a little person who uses a mobility scooter, Tanyalee Davis has experienced some incredible highs in her career such as performing on Live at the Apollo and The John Bishop Show but has also has dealt with some real lows such as being humiliated and bullied on UK public transport. Tanyalee believes you are only limited by what you can't see yourself doing.


Let's change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe | TEDxMississauga

A 4-time Canadian National Wheelchair Tennis Champion and Paralympian discusses his journey living with a disability. Joel Dembe tells us how we can empower our communities through accessibility.



The Disability Conversation | Ben Myers

Ben Myers talks about the importance of disability advocacy.



Disability does not mean inability | Yasmin Sheikh | TEDxTwenteU

Yasmin Sheikh is going to challenge your thinking about how society looks at disability. You may feel uncomfortable as you question what you may have thought or said in the past about and to disabled people. At the age of 29, Yasmin had a life changing event which made her see the world completely different. One of the challenges she has faced is that suddenly overnight people saw her differently too. Yasmin will share with you her experiences and how you can build a bridge by including disabled people and see the world through a different lens.


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