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Activity "How-tos"

June 1 - 1 minute Wall Sit  + Epic Water Fight
Gear up with any and all water toys for a summer classic activity!

June 2 -  2 Burpees + Best Sports or Magic Trick
Practice makes perfect! Capture and share a picture of yourself doing an amazing sports skill or magic trick.


June 3 - 3km Walk/Run + Wacky Hair Day!
Bedhead, crazy colour, spikey hair, whatever! We want to see it all. Have fun and have a laugh on wacky hair day!

June 4 - 4 Push-ups + Recycle Tower
To celebrate World Environment Day, build the tallest tower you can using ONLY recycling materials! Clean and use materials from your recycle bin, construct a structure as tall as you can using tape, string, glue, or other building materials!

June 5 - 5 minutes Fresh Air + Family Fitness Challenge
Four Exercises - Do each exercise 5 times.  Challenge yourself to try 6+ times for each exercise

  • Jumping Jacks
  • LeapFrog Jumps
  • Push Up's
  • Bear Crawls

June 6 - 6 minutes of Stretching + Take a Trail Hike!
Take a hike on a local trail or head out to a York Region Forest to celebrate International Trails Day!The York Regional Forest is made up of 2,400 hectares and has more than 140 kilometres of trail for public use, including three trails accessible to wheelchairs and other assistive devices.  To learn more about the York Regional Forest, please visit their website at

June 7 - 7 Frog Jumps + Sidewalk Chalk Design
Get creative and put a colourful touch to your walkway or sidewalk for all to enjoy

June 8 - 8 Sumo Squats + D.I.Y. Water Dive Toy

To kick-off Water Safety Week, make yourself a Dive Toy to enjoy while swimming and playing in your pool or at the lake! Click Here for more information on water safety week. 

June 9 - 9 Crunches + Museum Word Puzzles
Enjoy our two-word searches from our friends at the Elman W. Campbell Museum. 

June 10 - 10 Thousand Steps + Family Cards/Board Game Night
Make some snacks and enjoy an evening of classic cards and board games! Click here for 15 fun Card Games you can play at home!

June 11 - 11 Wood Chops + Gardening
Plant something in your garden or learn how to safely do yard work as a family.  Whether raking grass adding new topsoil or pulling weeds, these are all activities that you can do as a family that will make your yard look ready for summer and add curb appeal!

June 12 - 12 High Knees + Squat Challenge
See how many squats you are able to do within one (1) minute.  Challenge yourself to increase the amount and time each.

Example:  1 minute = 40 squats
(next time) 1 minute= 45 squats OR 1.5 minutes = 60 squats

June 13 - 13 Lunges + Build an obstacle course
Inside or out, using items from home, build an obstacle course and see who can complete the course with the fastest time!

June 14 - 14 Jumping Lunges + Balloon Paddle Ball
Use a fly swatter, tennis/badminton racket or make your own paddle using a paper plate and over-sized popsicle stick (or use a paint stir stick or plastic spoon) for balancing your balloon. Have your kids try to keep their balloons on the paddle as they navigate through obstacles or run around the house. Not as easy as it sounds!

June 15 - 15 minutes Dead Bugs + Build a craft with household items
Get creative with materials at home. You’ll be surprised what you can come up with when you start discovering what you have already! Click Here for some craft ideas!

June 16 - 16 Scissor Kicks + Cook an international meal as a family
The possibilities are endless. Try something new! Visit Home Sweet Home for a list of recipes.

June 17 - 17 minute Walk/Run + Family Dance Party Night
Make a Playlist during dinner as a family and then clear a room to make a dance floor!

June 18 - 18 Sit-ups + International Picnic Day!
Eat lunch or dinner outdoors and enjoy the outdoor season.

June 19 - Meditation + What’s My Name? Fitness Challenge
Complete the workout the letters in your name designs for you!  Try both your first and last name for a greater challenge! Click here to see the workouts! 

June 20 -  20 minutes of a New Sport + DIY Father's Day Card
Using household items, create your personally designed card for your special Dad 

June 21 - 21 Mountain Climbers + Create a Family Time Capsule
So many things you can include in your family time capsule. At first, make sure that you have a container for the time capsule. A clear plastic canister that is easy to store and big enough for the items that you want to include. Items could include family photos, kids' artwork, a letter to your future self, keepsakes (drawings, handprints, crafts and special items), event tickets and passes, postcards and letters from family and friends. Be sure to include a brief explanation of each item and why it belongs in the time capsule. Bury or hide it away for future generations! Make a map or note to remember where you’ve put it!

June 22 - 22 Tricep Dips + Draw or Paint Night
Harness your inner Picasso and find inspiration to draw, paint and create! Use materials like water or acrylic paints, crayons, pencil crayons or even just pencil. Display your final masterpiece. 

June 23 - 23 Windshield Wipers + Build a fort     
Get out the couch cushions, bed sheets and other furniture to build an indoor fort! Parents please assist and approve the final design. 

June 24 - 24 Skaters + Park Scavenger Hunt
Get to know a local park and find the following items if you can?

June 25 - Reverse Crunch + Create a Vision Board
Vision boards are a visual that you can create that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life! All you need is an old cork or bristol board, a large piece of paper or cardboard as your display. Then using old magazines, books and posters, find pictures, words and quotes that represent the feelings and experiences you want to attract into your life. Pin, tape or glue these neatly to your board.  You can do these boards for both personal and professional goals!

June 26 - 26 minutes Active + Plank Challenge + Side Plank
See if you are able to hold a plank for 30 seconds.  Challenge yourself to increase your time!
BONUS Side plank for 30 seconds per side

June 27 - 27 minutes Raking Lawn + Family Camp out
No campgrounds available yet, no problem!  Why not get the camping experience in your backyard?
For some great ideas for games, activities and camp chow, check out these web sites. 

June 28 - 28 Jumping Jacks + Alphabet Scavenger Hunt
So went for a walk and along the way I saw…“A” for Apple tree, “B” for ball or a Blue car, etc.
Collect the list as you go.  When you reach Z then you can go home. Or try to reach as many letters as you can.

June 29 - 29 Forward Leg Swings + Write a song, poem or story with your family
Use all your talents collectively as a family to create a masterpiece together! 

June 30 - 30 mins Yoga/Pilates + Decorate for Canada Day!

NOTE: For almost everyone, the benefits of physical activity far outweigh any risks. For some individuals, specific advice from a health care provider is advisable. By accessing the videos, you are taking responsibility for ensuring their suitability for your personal fitness level and health status.

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