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Join us this June for Zoom Programming! Click here for your Seniors Month Zoom calendar

Grab your calendar and join us on Zoom for some of these fun themed video conference calls. Have a pencil and paper ready, calls lasts 30 to 35 minutes.

  • Trivia - Can you answer these 25+ questions, based on a specific theme?
  • Joking Around - Everyone should bring 2-3 jokes to share. Your host will get things started.
  • Good News Stories - Join this webinar and hear a few good news stories. Feel free to bring 1-2 of your own to share with the rest of us, because the more good news we hear, the better we will all feel.
  • Travel Talk - Share stories about a favourite place you have visited, whether around the world, or perhaps locally.
  • Finish The Expression - I will start an expression or saying, and you will try to finish it.
  • Riddle Me This - Can you solve these 25+ riddles? Feel free to bring 2-3 of your own.
  • Name that Tune - Listen to a small part of a song, and see if you can name the tune and/or artist.
  • Quotes & Characters - Listen to a quote & name the actor, or listen to a list of characters & name the movie.

Steps to Participate

Please visit and download zoom (free). Once you are on the site, tutorials are available to help you understand what to do. Zoom is very user friendly. Send Jason Malone, Recreation Programmer – Seniors an email stating which session(s) you would like to join at

Jason will send a confirmation email with a link to the meetings.A few minutes before the session starts, you have to click on the link within the email. You may be prompted to wait if you log in too soon, but Jason will enter the call a few minutes before the start time. If you choose to access the program by calling in (not through video conferencing), then there will be numbers on

the invitation you can call. When calling in, you will be prompted to enter a Meeting ID Number to enter our specific conference call, this number will also be included the email.

NOTE: The phone numbers are long distance, so depending on your phone plan, charges could be applied. There is no charge to join the call via your computer, regardless of whether or not you use the video option.