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​​​Do you offer private and semi-private skateboard or scooter lessons at the Recreation Youth Centre & Sk8 Park (RYC)?

Yes! Private skateboard and scooter lessons are available based on park and instructor availability. Call the RYC to set up your private or semi-private lesson.

​​Can I host a birthday party at the RYC?

Yes! The RYC is an exciting venue for birthday parties. You can focus your event on an activity such as skateboarding and scootering in the Sk8 Park, or Tactical Nerf Tag in the gym. To book your party call 905-953-5300 ext. 2608.

Can I rent the RYC for my next community or school event?

Yes! The RYC is a great place to create exciting fun special events. To discuss your options or to book a room, please contact the RYC.

Can I volunteer at the RYC?

Yes! Our volunteers assist with special events, organize activities and have fun! Volunteer with us to complete your co-op or high-school requirements. Apply in person or call the RYC to set up an appointment.

Will children be supervised while visiting the RYC?

​Registered Programs: Children will only be fully supervised during our registered recreation programs. 

Drop-in Programs: Supervision is limited to the availability of staff at the RYC. While participating in a drop-in program at the RYC, it is expected that a parent/guardian will remain on the premises to ensure appropriate supervision of those 9 years and younger.