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​Newmarket Council approved a 0.36 per cent tax increase (Town portion) for the 2017 Operating and Capital Budgets at tonight's Council Meeting. The average resident (based on an average assessment value of $450,702) will see an increase of $6.71 on the Town portion of their tax bill. The Town's portion of taxes equates to $1726.17, including the Town of Newmarket, Newmarket Public Library, and Central York Fire Services. Property Tax Bill Graphic_2017_Areas of Contribution-02.jpg

The total approved 2017 Operating Budget is $121,554,919 and the Capital Budget is $32,500,242. The estimated 'all-in' tax increase (including York Region, School Board and the Town of Newmarket) is 1.33 per cent for a total of $4391.10 per year. 

Newmarket Council and staff worked closely together to meet the target of 2.8 per cent (increase) - as identified by Council. Throughout the budget process, $900,000 in efficiencies and other reductions were achieved. 

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Highlights of the 2017 Budget

Continuation of the Town-wide phase-in sidewalk snow-clearing program 

  • Additional Traffic Management Initiatives 
  • Marketing strategy for the Davis and Yonge Street Corridors 
  • Three new parks 
  • implementation of bike lanes in the existing road network 
  • Ongoing replacement of aging infrastructure 
  • Upgrades to Town facilities 
  • Continued implementation of the Recreation Playbook
  • Minimal changes to levels of service
  • More Support for the Emerald Ash Borer Program

How the Stormwater Charge helped to decrease your property taxes 

The introduction of a new Stormwater charge helped to decrease property taxes. By removing the amounts for stormwater from the tax bill and implementing a separate charge, it saves the average resident approximately $12.07. This ultimately ensures there is enough funding for future stormwater management improvements. The Stormwater charge​ lessens the burden on residential property owners by shifting to a ‘user pay’ system where properties that produce more runoff (i.e. commercial and industrial properties) will pay a larger stormwater charge.

How the stormwater charge reduces your taxes

The Town of Newmarket's 2017 Budget will focused on:

  1. Ensuring safe streets: supports Council's theme of Traffic Safety and Mitigation by implementing engineering, education and enforcement initiatives through the Traffic Mitigation Strategy (Traffic Calming Policy, visibility improvements, signage)

  2. Revitalizing our community centre lands and addressing downtown parking: supports Council's theme of Economic Development and Jobs, and will look to include a long-term downtown parking strategy, a way-finding program for downtown and a development strategy for Community Centre Lands

  3. Organization Ready 2020: investing in Newmarket now for the future.

  4. Supporting community and neighbourhood projects: supports Council's theme of Enhanced Recreational Opportunities and includes the implementation of recommendations in the Recreation Playbook - Recreation & Culture's 10-year master plan

  5. Creating a strategy for vibrant and livable corridors along Davis Drive and Yonge Street: supports Council's theme of Economic Development and Jobs and will look to support the completion of vivaNext construction along Davis Drive and Yonge Street, and include the construction of Tom Taylor Trail connections at Davis Drive, the refinement and completion of the preliminary financing strategy to address future growth servicing needs and the development of a plan to acquire properties for more public places and breathing spaces​

​2017 Budget Reports and Presentations

 (If you should find any of the above are not in an acceptable accessible format, please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193 or email info@newmarket.ca​)​​.