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Town of Newmarket Council approved a 2.31 per cent tax rate, combined with 0.68 per cent for asset replacement, for a combined 2.99 per cent tax 2018 Budget - Areas of Contribution Pie Chart for 2018 Budgetincrease (Town portion) for the 2018 Operating and Capital Budgets at the December 4 Council Meeting. Based on a property assessment value of $508,750, residents will see an increase of $53.75 on the Town portion of their tax bill, a water/wastewater rate increase of $67.71 (6.21 per cent) and a stormwater rate increase of $3.72 (12.30 per cent). The Town’s portion of taxes equates to $1,851.27, including the Town of Newmarket, Newmarket Public Library (NPL) and Central York Fire Services (CYFS).

Budget Process Overview

On an annual basis, the Town of Newmarket prepares an annual budget to authorize its expenditures for the year. For 2018, this includes:

  • $128 million in operating expenditures
    • $84 million in tax-supported operations
    • $44 million in rate-supported operations (water, stormwater, building)
  • $26 million in capital expenditures

When developing the budget, the Town prioritizes projects and services that are required to meet legislative requirements and community needs. Although the budgets are broken down into service areas, the budget is considered and recommended as a whole to enhance the Town’s decision-making process. 

Potential impact on the average residential property

Proposed increases for the average residential property with a 2017 assessment of $508,750 using 200 cubic meters of water per year.

​2018 Budget
​Monthy Cost
​Property Taxes
​$53.75 - 2.99%
​$67.71 - 6.21%
​$3.72 - 12.30%

What the budget delivers 

Monthly municipal tax breakdown vs. common costs fees and expenses, based on the average assessed home in Newmarket of $508,750.

What the Budget Delivers Graphic.png

2018 Budget theme 

The theme of the 2018 Budget is sustainability, with a focus on the following priorities:

  • Developing our corridors and community
  • Managing assets and maintaining service levels
  • Cultivating innovation and growth

What does this mean for you?

​Developing our corridors and community - planning for intensification in the Yonge Street and Davis Drive corridors which are expected to hit 32,000 jobs and 33,000 residents over the next 40 years. Priorities include:

  • Marketing and developing the corridor to attract new residents, new businesses and new job opportunities

  • ​​Ensuring we have the infrastructure (road networks, parklands, broadband, facilities) to support overall growth

Managing assets and maintaining service levels - ensuring that the Town of Newmarket continues to provide excellent public service to all residents. Priorities include:

  • ​Maintaining our capital infrastructure (facilities, fire services, water, wastewater and stormwater systems) and current service levels in the face of growth

  • Attracting, training, developing and retaining skilled employees to carry out important work for the future of our Town

Cultivating innovation and growth - focusing on overall growth through planning and economic development opportunities. Priorities include:

  • Focusing on the Secondary Plan and Smart City initiatives
  • Major transportation planning to support economic development opportunities 

Thank you to everyone who gave their feedback in the 2018 budget process and played  the "Put Your Money Where it Matters Budget game." Over 550 residents participated in the budget game. 47 per cent indicated that Managing our assets and maintaining service levels was the priority that mattered most to them. A breakdown of the feedback is below. 

Feedback on the 2018 budget.jpg

2018 Budget Reports and Presentations

For more information on any reports listed above, contact:  Mike Mayes, Director, Financial Services/Treasurer via e-mail at mmayes@newmarket.ca

​ (If you should find any of the above are not in an acceptable accessible format, please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193 or email info@newmarket.ca​)​​