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​​The Town of Newmarket is committed​ to a responsible and balanced approach to budgeting and managing municipal finances. The Town's approach is to continue to provide top quality services and affordable property taxes, while meeting the needs of a growing community and planning for the future. With a stable reserve fund and decreasing debt, Newmarket has a healthy financial score card. 

Residential Tax due dates 

July 25, 2019 

August 27, 2019 

September 24, 2019 


Final Tax Bill: Stormwater Charge  

2019 Final Residential Tax Statements have been mailed out. If you paid for the stormwater invoice after June 14, 2019, you may still see the charge on your property tax bill. If this applies to you, please deduct the stormwater charge (cross it off the paystub) from your July 25 installament amount.

If you haven't paid stormwater invoice, you will see the charge under the 'Other Charges/Credits' section of the property tax bill. No late payment fees for the stormwater charge will be applied until August 1, 2019. 

For more information, please visit the property taxes webpage

View the video below to learn more about how Newmarket develop​s its budget.