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​​​The Town of Newmarket's Procurement Services, under the Corporate Services Commission is responsible for the strategic acquisition of goods, services and construction for the municipality.

Newmarket's Procurement Services has adopted Values and Guiding Principles of Public Procurement.

Newmarket Staff are proud members and have adopted the Code of Ethics of:

Ontario Public Buyers Association (Chapter NIGP) | Code of Ethics

The Institute for Public Procurement (NIGP) | Code of Ethics

The Canadian Public Procurement Council 

Suspension of Contractor Vaccination Policy Effective March 6, 2023

The Town of Newmarket has suspended its vaccination policies which previously applied to all Town staff, volunteers, council and committee members and contractors.  This is in line with neighbouring York Region municipalities and is effective immediately.

Bid Opportunities

Visit our Bid Opportunities portal to create an account, view bids or register as a plan taker. 

Cooperative Purchasing  

The Town of Newmarket along with all other York Region Municipalities, School Boards, York Regional Police and Children's Aid Society are members of the York Purchasing Co-operative. Member Agencies realize savings by combining individual requirements and seeking bids for larger volumes of goods and services.      

Notice of Participation in Buying Groups

This posting is a public notification that for the year 2024, the Town of Newmarket intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by the following buying groups:

      1.     OECM- Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace -

      2.     MGS - Ministry of Government Services -

     3.      LAS - Local Authority Services / CANOE Municipal Group Buying Program -

     4.      SSW - Shared Services West comprised of Holton Healthcare Services Coropration, Trillium Health Partners, and                                                                                  William Osler Health System - Strategic Sourcing (   

Procurement Forms and Links

​Form & Link                                  ​Revision Date
Accessible Customer Service Training Booklet                                 ​N/a
Agreement                                 April 20, 2018
Agreement to Bond Form                                ​ N/a
Agreement to provide a letter of credit​                                 N/a
Bidding System Terms of Service​                                 February 2, 2017
Bids and Tenders Vendor Guide​                                June 9, 2016
Contract Change Order Form                                ​March 11, 2019
Contractor Performance procedural document                                ​June 8, 2016
Insurance Form​                                May 18, 2018
Procurement Bylaw 2014-27- Office Consolidation
Procurement Bylaw 2014-27                                ​N/a
By-Law 2017-77 Amendment to Procurement By- Law​                               December 4, 2017
By-Law 2019-49 Amendment to Procurement By- Law
                               July 18, 2019
By-Law 2021-70 Amendment to Procurement By- Law​                               December 13, 2021
By-Law 2022-58 Amendment to Procurement       By-Law
                               September 20, 2022
Purchase Order Terms and Conditions                              ​ April 1, 2015
Standard Terms and Conditions
​                              February 2024
Supplemental General Conditions                            ​  August 21, 2020
Supplier Code of Conduct                              ​N/a
Town of Newmarket Letter of Credit Form                              ​February 21, 2017
Purchase Order Set-up Form
                              ​February 15, 2023
Application Direct Deposit
                              ​February 15, 2023


Vehicle and Equipment Surplus

Please visit this page for more information: Town of Newmarket Surplus.

Town of Newmarket Surplus vehicle and equipment is either consigned to; North Toronto Auction located in Innisfil, Ontario or sold by online auction through GovDeals Public Auction.

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