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This web page outlines all FOI Request activities for 2017 including:

  • links to records available to the public on the "Search FOI Records" page
  • links to Orders from the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Please see the "Search FOI Records​" web page and the associated guide for a full a description of which records are posted. 

​Request Number​​​Date of Release ​of Records​Summary​Records Available to the Public
​January 23
Request for further ​details regarding the Mayor's business lunch expenses as listed in the Council expense report.
​January 18
​Request for drawings and landscape plans for Adree Subdivision Phase 2
​Files to large to post.
​January 17
​Lot Plan & Construction Plan (Elevation) submitted to Newmarket Building Dept/ Planning Dept. for Residential Development and Demolition at named property.

​December 19
​Request for all active site plan/rezoning applications for any commercial, industrial, institutional & mulit-residenital work.
​Abandonded after request for clarification.
​A17-17-71 through A17-17-77
​December 18
​Requests for information regarding the proposed Clocktower development, FSI and all related correspondonce, notes and records. 
​Under Appeal
​December 15
​Drawings for open space areas named in Subidivision agreement for Adree Subdivision Phase 2.
​Files to large to post
​December 15
​Request for landscaping plans for Adree Subdivision Phase 2 (Northwest Quadrant)
​Files to large to post
​December 14
​Video of sewer lateral line at named property
​Request withdrawn
​December 12
​Request for email correspondence and notes regarding phone conversations between staff and a named third party. 
​December 12
​Request for Information regarding a sewer back up at named property.
​December 11
Request for records regarding named property.​
​December 5
​Detailed report of Water Sampling and sediment for Mountview Place.

​December 4
​Request for information regarding 255 Main St. S / Bonanza Restaurant expansion – Site Plan Agreement from 1990, by-law 1990-195. 
December 4
​Request for information regarding solid waste collection contract.
​Under Appeal
​November 29
​Request for information regarding non-uniform related clothing.

Revised Request: (January 2018)
  • All Town purchases of clothing, including winter gear (items such as hats and gloves)
  • Individual purchases of safety boots or hardhats will not be included in the above; however, where safety boots and hardhats have been purchased in bulk along with other protective clothing, the Town will include these records with your request.
  • Records from the Library will be included.
  • Clothing purchases from Central York Fire Services will not be included.
Original ​Decision Letter

New search being conducted for revised request.
​November 29
​Request for records regarding named property.
​November 27
​Request for copies of Central York Fire Services Incident Report #17-3652 and related materials.
​November 27
​Request for information regarding named property.
​November 27
​Request for information regarding named property.
​November 22
​Request for information regarding named property.
​November 23
​Request for information regarding the Srigley St. reconstruction project in 2015
​November 22
​Request for information regarding animal control.
November 14​​Concerning the Complaint made regarding the Director of Planning and the Clocktower Development.
​Under Appeal
​November 3
Copy of interview conducted at the Town offices.​
​October 26
​Copies of any building permits issued with respect to a named property since April 18, 2017.
​October 12
​Copies of information of a named property regarding its historical use.
​October 12
​Copies of information of a named property regarding its historical use.
​October 11
​Copies of information regarding a named property.
​September 29
​Confirmation if over the last three years (2014 - 2016) an individual was hired or retained by the Town to work on Old Town Hall. 
​September 22
​Copy of pool permit for named property.
​September 22
​Complete record of Bylaw Enforcement since September 2016 for a named property.
​September 14
​Request for copies of open and closed building permits from 2000 to 2010 for a named property.
All Fire Inspections. All Building Permit Inspection Reports and drawings.
​September 12
Copies of permits related to named property.​
​September 1
​Copies of permits related to named property.
​August 25
​A copy of the incident report of April 15th 2017 for named property.
​August 18
​Copies of any permits for work done or to be completed on the former Glenway Lands in and around a named property.
​A17-17-39 Glenway Pre-servicing 
​August 18
​Records related to stop sign at McCaffrey Dr. and Rannie Rd. 
A17-17-37 Stop Sign
​August 16
​Copies of information regarding parking complaint at named property.
​August 16
Copies of information regarding a named property.
​August 16
​Datacall reports on blue box collection costs. 
​July 31
​Copies of by-law investigation notes for a named property. 
​July 24
Copies of all complaints and corresponding details made for the period January 1/16 to June 19/17 re: dog disturbance for named property. 

​July 21
​The amount, per year, from 2012 – 2016 that the Town of Newmarket has spent on advertising with York Region Media Group and with SNAP Newspaper including advertising from Councillor’s expense accounts.
A17-17-33 Advertising Costs
​July 18
​Copies of information for a named property.
​July 18
Copies of snow plough records, sidewalk plough records, patrol records, weather forecasts from March 1-31, 2013, and all notices, warnings, and tickets issued by Newmarket to homeowners to clear the area of their driveway for the winter of 2012-2013.
A17-17-25 Snow plough records
​July 7
​Copies of records related to Cedar Grill Restaurant located at 16655 Yonge St. Units 11 and 12, during the period 2009 to date.
July 7
Copies of the complete Central York Fire Department records for motor vehicle accident call at Metcalfe Street and Wells Street, Aurora, January 21, 2017.

June 28
​ Copies of information for a named property.
​June 27
​​Copy of the records of a land exchange between the Town and a previous named landowner related to the Clocktower property.A17-17-16 2003 Land Exchange Agreement​
​A17-17-27​June 23​Copy of a report related to Central York Fire Services response to a fire a named property in Aurora. 
​A17-17-30​June 22Copies of records related to a by-law complaint regarding maintenance of a retaining wall located between two named properties and proof of resolution of the complaint and location of the wall.
​A17-17-22​June 12​A list of by-law infractions for a named property. 
​A17-17-23​May 26​A copy of the "agreement in principle" with the Town that will allow for a land exchange and strata developments, etc. referred to in Clocktower Planning Rationale Report of 27 January 2016.A17-17-23 Clocktower
​A17-17-18​May 18​Copies of any Orders from September 2014 to June 2015 for a named property.
​A17-17-17​May 18​Copies of any Orders from September 2009 to December 2014 for a named property.
​A17-17-21​May 15Records related to all By-law enforcement inspections​ between February 17, 2017 and April 5, 2017 for a named property.
​A17-17-13​May 9Request for records regarding easements agreements for several named properties. 
​A17-17-24​May 5​Copies of email correspondence between crown prosecutor and witness at an animal control related prosecution.
​A17-17-08April 25​Copies of records from a Crown brief from an animal control related prosecution.
​A17-17-11​April 20​A copy of a building permit, the permit application, and associated drawings for a named property.
​A17-17-10​April 20Copies of all email communication and department notes between Town staff and a named property owner and their employees.
​A17-17-15​April 20​A copy of the agreement or agreement in principle related to the Closed Session Special Committee of the Whole meeting of June 24, 2013 for 178-180 Main St. S. and a copy of Closed Session CAO Report relating to same.​​A17-17-15 Clocktower​
​A17-17-14​April 19​A copy of an ​Incident Report from Fire Department for a Fire at a named property in Aurora, March 12, 2013.​​
​A17-17-12​April 13​Copies of notes and pictures relating to Municipal Enforcement investigation for a named property.
​A17-17-09​April 13​A copy of a report made by the Municipal Enforcement and Property Standards Officer for a named property.
​A17-17-02​April 10A copy of the complete package (including pricing)that was submitted by Dependable Emergency Vehicles for RFP2016-27 Supply and Delivery of Fire Hose.
​A17-17-19​April 7​Property standard inspections/orders for a named property for the last 10 years.
​A17-17-20​April 6​Copies of Notices to comply issued by Bylaw Enforcement for a named property.​
​A17-17-07​April 5
​A copy of an encroachment agreement between the town and a named property owner. 
​A17-17-05​abandoned​Copies of the Bylaw Enforcement Officers notes regarding an investigation at a named property. 
​A17-17-06​March 24​Copy of Fire incident report for automobile/personal injury​ call. 
​A17-17-03​March 8​Copy of approved demolition permit for named property.
​A17-17-04​March 2​Copy of proposed development plans, for several named properties.
​A17-17-01​January 24​Report of inspections by Central York Fire Services at a named property.