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​​​​​Requesting information from the Town?

Need a copy of a record filed with or created by the Town? Start with calling customer service or contacting the responsible department if you know who they are.

The Town has a Routine Disclosure Policy​ that allows staff to provide certain types of records upon request with some restrictions.

If you want to know if something can be provided ask staff or consult the table attached to the policy.

Just because something can’t be released routinely though doesn’t mean you can’t have access. You may simply need to follow a more formal process called the Freedom of Information (FOI) Process and submit a written request through the Legislative Services Department.

The FOI process is part of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). It is designed to ensure that all requests for access for are treated fairly and objectively. It recognizes that information should be available to the public but that there are legitimate exemptions such as personal privacy of others, trade secrets, solicitor-client privilege and more. By filing an FOI request you have the right to appeal any decision by the Town to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC). This ensures an objective third party will look at the records, the legislation and determine whether access should be given.

​Requests From Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies such as York Regional Police may request information from the Town to aid in an investigation. Records routinely available to the public are also routinely available to any law enforcement agency subject to any relevant conditions. Records containing personal information may also be disclsoed to a law enforcement agency. These types of requests must be made in writing to the Clerk or designate by completing the Law Enforcement Request Form. Any requests involving confidential or third party information will require a subpoena. 

Requests from Researchers

Records routinely available to the public are also routinely available to researchers. Researchers requesting access to records containing personal information for any type of research or analysis must complete and sign a Research Agreement. Requests for confidential or third party information for research purposes requires the completion of a FOI request.