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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This web page outlines all FOI Request activities including:

  • links to records available to the public on the "Search FOI Records" page
  • links to Orders from the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Please see the "Search FOI Records​" web page and the associated guide for a full a description of which records are posted. 

2016 FOI Requests

Request Number​Date of Release of Records​Summary​Records Available to Public
​A17-16-01​February 10, 2016​Copies of any contracts / agreements relating to any option to purchase land connected to the Town's bid for a York University Campus, and any details regarding related costs.A17-16-01 Information related to the York University Bid

Under Appeal

​A17-16-02​February 10, 2016​The quoted amount for the winning bid for a consultant for drafting a new Council Code of Conduct; and  Integrity Commissioner's rate of pay. A17-16-02 Code of Conduct Bid and Integrity Commissioner Rates
​A17-16-03​February 10, 2016​A copy of the invoice, for any e-bike owned by the Town and any log book or record that describes how it is used.A17-16-03 E-Bike
​A17-16-04​February 10, 2016​The amount of fines collected by the Town for enforcement of the sign by-law during the 2014 municipal election. Including how much remains outstanding, the plan to collect the outstanding amounts and the estimated time it will take to collect these amounts. The amounts that were waived, reduced or forgiven, who made the decision to waive, reduce or forgive and what was the justification?A17-16-04 Sign by-law enforcement 2014 Municipal Election

Under Appeal
​A17-16-05​February 10, 2016​Details regarding the qualifications for the Town's Computer Home Purchase and Work at Home Program, including details about who has claimed this benefit and the associated costs for 2014 and 2015. A17-16-05 Computer Home Purchase and Work at Home Program
​A17-16-06​February 4, 2016​​Any and all information, (permits etc.) regarding a named property. 
​A17-16-07​March 30, 2016​One copy of all permits issued to a named address from October 2008 - June 2009, specifically regarding two new drains installed in April of 2009.
​A17-16-08​March 17, 2016​Any and all documents from the building department regarding a named property.
​A17-16-09​April 27, 2016​Request for a copy of an Engineering Report for a named property.​Under appeal.
​A17-16-10​​​June 10, 2016​Request for copies of records from Central York Fire Services related to the 2014 Fire at the Aurora United Church.​Files too large to post. 
​A17-16-11​​April 28, 2016​Request for a copy of a building plan for a named property.
​A17-16-12​April 14, 2016​​​Request for copies of any environmental records related to a named property.
​A17-16-13​May 13, 2016​Request for a copy of records related to​ a bylaw enforcement investigation into a noise complaint.
​A17-16-14​May 3, 2016​​Request for records related to the governance, and structure of the Newmarket Public Library and the appointment of the Library Board. A17-16-14 Newmarket Public Library
​A17-16-15​May 3, 2016​​Agenda's and Minutes and any supporting papers regarding the land swap at Market Square discussed in Closed Session June 24, 2013.A17-16-15 Closed Session Records​
A17-16-16​May 19, 2016​All emails to and from Chris Bobyk, Bob Forrest and the Mayor, which relate to the Clock Tower project and the associated land swap from 24 June 2013 to 18 April 2016.​A17-16-16 ​Emails to and from the Mayor
​A17-16-17​May 19, 2016​Evidence of how the meetings between Chris Bobyk, the Mayor and Cllr Broome-Plumley and Chris Bobyk, the Mayor and Christina Bisanz on May 13, 2015 to discuss the Clock Tower project were organized. ​​A17-16-17 Meetings with Councillors​
​A17-16-18​June 3, 2016​Security video of an incident that occurred at the Community Centre.
​A17-16-19June 1, 2016​​Access to drawings for a named property.
​A17-16-20​June 1, 2016​Records regarding a bylaw enforcement investigation into an Accessory Dwelling Unit at a named address. 
​A17-16-21June 10, 2016​Correspondence and details of the land exchange for the Clocktower prior to June 2013. A17-16-21 Clocktower land exchange prior to 2013
​A17-16-22​June 1, 2016​Environmental records regarding a named property.
​A17-16-23​June 17, 2016​All records relating to a land expropriation, related litigation and all environmental records for a named property.  ​Files too large to post.
​A17-16-24​June 20, 2016​A copy of an animal services file related to a dog bite incident. 
​A17-16-25​June 27, 2016​Records of environmental concern related to a named property.
​A17-16-26​June 27, 2016Records of environmental concern related to a named property.
​A17-16-27​June 10, 2016​A copy of an Order to Comply issued by By-law Enforcement to two separate named properties.​Under Appeal
​A17-16-28​July 20, 2016​Copies of correspondence between Town engineering and building department and the developer for Woodland Hills Phase 7, regarding servicing work that needed to be completed prior to release of building permits
​A17-16-29​August 12, 2016​Copies of records related to a slip and fall incident on Main St. in 2011. 
​A17-16-30August 18, 2016​​Copies of records related to a fire at 1111 Davis Dr. in 2015. 
​A17-16-31​September 2, 2016Copies of all sidewalk plough records for the month of December 2009.
​A17-16-32August 12, 2016​A copy of a file relating to a former grow op at a named property. 
​A17-16-33​September 16, 2016 ​​Information on who made a request to have a boulevard tree trimmed. 
​A17-16-34​September 29, 2016​​Information regarding the Newmarket Public Library's budget, and advertising costs.A17-16-34 Newmarket Public Library Budget​​
​A17-16-35​October 3, 2016​Records relating to building permits issued for a named property.
​A17-16-36September 16, 2016​​Environmental records regarding a named property.
​A17-16-37​November 8, 2016​Records regarding OMB reform discussions.
​A17-16-38Withdrawn​Building Plans for a named property.
​A17-16-39​October 19, 2016​Copies of By-law Enforcement records pertaining to a named property.
​A17-16-40​October 25, 2016​​Environmental records regarding a named property
​A17-16-41​November 9, 2016​Copies of By-law Enforcement records relating to a named property.
​A17-16-42​November 8, 2016​Copies of Building Permit applications for a named property. 
​A17-16-43​October 25, 2016​Environmental records regarding a named property
​A17-16-44​November 24, 2016​Records of payments relating to an economic development matter. 
​A17-16-45​November 18, 2016​Information regarding the planning process for a named subdivision.
​A17-16-46​November 24, 2016​Environmental records regarding Market Square. ​A17-16-46 Market Square
​A17-16-47​January 20, 2017​Records of communications regarding Main St. Clock Inc.​​A17-16-47 Main St. Clock Inc
​A17-16-48January 20, 2017​Records related to a zoning by-law amendment application. 
​A17-16-49​December 13, 2016​Environmental records regarding a named property. 
​A17-16-50December 14, 2016​Copies of Bylaw Enforcement​ records regarding a named property.
December 14, 2016
​Information regarding the Town's phone and data services provider. ​A17-16-51 Phone and Data Services​

2015 FOI Requests

​Request Number​Date of Release of Records​Summary​Records Available to Public
​​A17-15-33​September 23, 2015​Copies of the Bylaw Officer’s notes and the Fire Departments inspection report of a named property.
​A17-15-34​October, 2, 2015​Copies of two specific Call tickets  for noise complaints. 
​A17-15-35​November 26, 2015​Records of any environmental concerns for 776 Davis Drive. 
A17-15-35 Environmental Information for 776 Davis Drive​
​A17-15-36​N/A​Request withdrawn.​​
​A17-15-37​December 18, 2015​Salary, Benefits and compensation information for Council from 2010 to present including all related correspondence.A17-15-37 Council Remuneration and Benefits
​A17-15-38​December 8, 2015​Copies of Bylaw Enforcement orders issued for a specific address. ​​
​A17-15-39​​December 10, 2015​A list of all addresses issued pool permits. A17-15-39 Addresses for all Pool Permits Issued​
​A17-15-40​January 7, 2016​All records related to a Fire at a named address in 2008. ​​