Summary of FOI Activities for 2018


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This web page outlines all FOI Request activities for 2018 including:

  • links to records available to the public on the "Search FOI Records" page
  • links to Orders from the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Please see the "Search FOI Records​" web page and the associated guide for a full a description of which records are posted. 


Date of Release of Records
Description of Request
Records Available to Public
​June 20
​Request for copies of building permit applications, and inspections for a named property.
​June 15
​Request for copies of building permit applications, drawings, correspondence, reports, construction drawings for  a named property.
​June 4
​Request for a copy of Fire Report for motor vehicle accident at a specified date and location. 
​June 4
​Request for a copy of RFP #2012-18, and the contract between the vendor and Newmarket.
​June 4
​Request for environmental information regarding a named property.
​June 4
​Request for information regarding building and fire prevention inspections for a named property.
May 29​​Request for copies of all photos, video, audio, documents, notes, and anything at all regarding Newmarket bylaws, any bylaw infractions - all details including calls to Newmarket customer service, regarding a named property.
​May 29
​Request for copies of by-law enforcement records, building inspectors notes and photos, copies of each complaint pertaining to a named property
​May 22
​Request for copies of records related to building permits and construction at a named property.
​May 14
​Request for copies of the Peggy's Wood Nature Reserve and Bathurst Forest Management Plan, Implementation Plan, and construction schedules.
A17-18-24 Peggy's Wood
​May 11
​Request for a copy of a Fire Incident report on a named date.
May 8​​Request for information regarding building permits issued for a named property.
​May 7
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a motor vehicle accident.
May 7​​Request for a copy of Fire report for a motor vehicle accident.
​May 1
​Request for information regarding the Town's purchase of the Mulock Estate.
A17-18-18 Mulock Estate
​April 30
​Request for information for Fire reports for a named property, on a specific date.
​April 30
Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a named property.​
​April 23
​Request to review the Peggy's Wood and Bathurst Area Forest Implementation Guide.
​April 11
​Request for environmental information regarding three named properties.

April 10
​Request for information regarding the Innovation project. 
A17-18-06 Innovation
​A17-18-13 through A17-18-16
​March 26
​Request for environmental information for four named properties.
​March 20
​Request for the entire file for a pool permit at a named property.
​March 20
​Request for all By-law and Animal Control complaints for a named property. 
​March 7
​Request for information related to costs and details related to Town Holiday parties for the years 2014 - 2017
A17-18-05 Holiday Parties
​February 26
​​Request to review the Northwest Newmarket Secondary Plan Area Open Space Management Plan and Trail - Final Report, 2005

​February 26
​​Request for environmental information on a named property.
​February 26
​​Request for environmental information on a named property.
​February 26
​Request for environmental information on a named property.
​February 15
​Request for information on salary increases for all staff positions Grade 10 and above. 
​A17-18-07 Salary Information
​February 12
Request for ​explanations of certain meals expensed to the Town.
A17-18-04 Meal Expenses
February 12
Request for the total cost of the last four annual staff appreciation BBQ's
A17-18-03 Staff Appreciation
​February 2
Request for records related to a Fire at a named property in Aurora.
​January 19
​Request for records of Fire Department response to flooding from a burst water pipe at a named property.