Summary of FOI Activities for 2019


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This web page outlines all FOI Request activities for 2019 including:

  • links to records available to the public on the "Search FOI Records" page
  • links to Orders from the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Please see the "Search FOI Records​" web page and the associated guide for a full a description of which records are posted. 

​Date of Release of Records / Decision
​Description of Request
​Records Available to Public
​May 8, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.
​April 23, 2019
​Request for customer service call record for named property.
​April 10, 2019
​Request for copy of CCTV footage at a named location.
​April 3, 2019
​Request for copies of licensing documentation for several named businesses.
​April 4, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.
​April 1, 2019
​Request for records pertaining to stop order at a named property.
​Mar 29, 2019
​Request for all permits and inspection reports for a named property.
​Mar 15, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.
​April 9, 2019
​Request for all records regarding a named property.
​Mar 23, 2019
​Request for budget and expenses paid regarding plans for the Mulock GO station.
​April 29, 2019
​Request for records regarding all lawsuits the Town was involved in over the last decade.
​Abandoned by requester.
Feb 27, 2019​​Request for customer service call log regarding named property.
​Feb 21, 2019
​Request for building permits and related documents for named property.

​Feb 6, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.
​Jan 28, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.
​Feb 1, 2019
​Request for copy of a Fire Report.