Summary of FOI Activities for 2020


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This web page outlines all FOI Request activities for 2020 including:

  • links to records available to the public on the "Search FOI Records" page
  • links to Orders from the Information and Privacy Commissioner

Please see the "Search FOI Records​" web page and the associated guide for a full description of which records are posted. 

​Date of Release / Decision
​Description of Request
​Records Available to Public
​December 18
​Copies of all complaints for  named property
​December 16
​All documentation including emails and notes related to the early termination of contract.
​December 16
​Copies of photos taken by the fire department and the fire report for specified incident
​December 10
​Information on the history of Ella Court.
​December 10
​Copies of all complaints for a named property
​November 19
​Copies of records related to a fire incident.
​November 19
Copy of the Ontario corporation number assigned to Corporation of the Town of Newmarket
​November 19
​Officers orders, notes, letters regarding violations for named property.
​November 3
​The Planning Application and notice of complete application for Applications D09-NP-2003 and D14-NP-2003 
​November 2
Copies of complaints regarding a named property
​October 16
​Documents related to an environmental matter at a named property. 
​October 15
​Information on the Town's traffic data collection program
​October 15
​Building permit information for named property
​October 15
Copies of enforcement notices for named property.
​September 16
​Copies of any contracts that were made between the Town and The Pickle Barrel regarding the meals and/or the meal program.

​September 16
​Request for informatio on fees paid planning department applications D09-NP-2003 and D14-NP-2003
​September 15
​Environmental information on named property
​September 11
​Copy of the proposed building plans submitted for named property
​September 4
​All records about named property.
​September 4
​Animal control incident report
September 4
Copy of complaint regarding named property
​August 12
​Request for information regarding staff dismissals. 

​July 27
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report. 
​July 15
​Request for building permit information related to a named property.
​July 15
​Request for building permit information related to a named property.
​July 7
​Request for a copy of all recreation registration information related to a named individual. 

​July 2
​Request for information related to Newmarket-Tay Hydro.
​June 17
​Request for information regarding a fire incident at a named property.
​April 27
​Request for all information related to a job recruitment matter.
​April 23
​Request for all records related to RFP-2019-156.
​April 20
​Request for environmental information for a named property.
​March 27
​Request for copy of a by-law enforcement file for a named property.
​March 17
Request for Building permits and building plans for a named property.

​February 13
​Request for copy of a file relating to a tree at a named property.
​February 11
​Request for a copy of a property standards complaint relating to a named property.
​February 6
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a motor vehicle accident.
​February 3
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a named property.
​February 3
​Request for all building permits for a named property.
​January 10
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a motor vehicle accident.
​January 8
​Request for a copy of a Fire Report for a motor vehicle accident.