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The Town of Newmarket's and Mayor and Members of Council are pleased to share Council's Strategic Priorities for the 2018 to 2022 term. 

Council's Strategic Priorities (2018-2022)

Council's Strategic Priorities were determined through results gathered from the Town's Community Survey Results in 2018, coupled with engagement sessions with Newmarket staff and Council members. 

These six pillars will establish a roadmap to assist Council in providing our community with the best opportunities to become and even more vibrant, innovative, and sustainable community with exceptional quality of life for our residents. 

The six pillars that will guide and act as a framework for Council's decisions are: 

Long Term Financial Sustainability
Maintaining long-term financial sustainability while ensuring a thriving community.
  • Utilize ongoing community engagement to help inform program, services and financial planning.
  • Develop a multi-year operating and capital budget that aligns with Budget Policies.
  • Ensure ongoing continuous improvement and a service level analysis for consideration. Utilize both internal and external resources to complete an assessment of the Town's overall financial health to support effective and efficient long-term planning.
  • Complete a comprehensive and up-to-date Asset Management Plan that reflects a Corporate Risk Strategy and continued investment into the Asset Replacement Fund.
Extraordinary Places and Spaces (priority focus on Mulock Property)
Creating an environment for an engaged, accessible and inclusive community
  • Complete the design, planning and costing for Mulock Property through a Master Plan, and advance construction enough for the public to enjoy.
  • Develop a Parks Master Plan focused on both new development and re-development opportunities; update the Recreation Playbook, as required.
  • Develop a new Cultural and Place-making Master Plan that integrates and reflects inclusivity and diversity within our growing community.
  • Design and implement a strategy to address municipal vacant properties (e.g. Fernbank Farmhouse, Old Fire Hall, and 449 Eagle St.).
  • In partnership with the BIA, design a best-practice approach to the pedestrianization of main Street in order to enhance the economic and social vibrancy of the downtown core.
Safe Transportation (Streets)
Providing exceptional transportation experiences across all modes through continuous improvement of accessibility, safety and speed reduction

  • Incorporate technology / data-driven tools and tactics into engineering design and enforcement measures related to the safety of vehicles, pedestrians, and other transportation modes in order to enhance trail and street safety.
  • Continue to implement the traffic mitigation strategy and Active Transportation Plan and explore / advance an off-road Mulock multi-use path.
  • Continue efforts to build a strong network of community and subject matter experts (e.g. York Region, York Regional Police (YRP) in the implementation of initiatives (e.g. automated speed enforcement).
  • Design and implement an effective communication strategy that provides expanded opportunity for community consultation and emphasizes education, awareness and safe, respectful shared use among all users of road and trail systems.
  • Develop a 'complete street' design and construction/reconstruction methodology to support ongoing safe street initiatives and continue to explore design options related to speed reduction, where appropriate
Economic Leadership and Job Creation
Attracting, retaining and expanding jobs through innovation, collaboration and urbanization.

  • Staff to support the success of the municipally owned broadband (ENVI) and leverage other technologies in job creation.
  • Increase downtown parking availability through additional spaces and by leveraging Smart City solutions and other innovative option
  • Focus on continued success of the downtown.
  • Review and re-fresh the Economic Development Strategy, with a focus on creating an environment for job attraction and economic growth; respond to changing community demographics with respect to attracting and retaining a skilled labour force for the future.
  • Evaluate feasibility of SODA (South of Davis Drive Area) for concerted growth/re-development
Vibrancy on Yonge, Davis and Mulock
Supporting enhanced access to diverse housing, office and retail options
  • Implement policy frameworks and practices that will more easily support the development of the corridors.
  • Transit Oriented Development: Implement Newmarket GO Station Mobility Hub Study and development of Mulock Station Area Secondary Plan.
  • Advance corridor growth through highly targeted, data-driven strategies that leverage enhanced relationships with developers and prospective investors.
  • Leverage Smart City technologies and municipally owned broadband (ENVI) to support corridor development strategies and business retention and expansion efforts.
  • Consider development incentives to provide a range of housing and employment options that meet the needs of current and future residents, including the pursuit of CIP to incent corridor development.
Environmental Stewardship
Leading proactive planning and action related to climate change and other environmental initiatives

  • Continue to implement programs that make Newmarket a leader in the implementation of low impact design (LID).
  • Continue to explore and support solar power installations in place and investigate additional installations; explore options for battery storage opportunities in town buildings.
  • Continue to implement Community Energy Plan.
  • Support highly effective partnerships with LSRCA, MECP, York Region, Newmarket Hydro, and others who provide funding and support for our numerous projects.
  • Implement Private Tree Bylaw, Public Tree Policy, and tree canopy management.

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