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  • Town of Newmarket brings Animal Services in house beginning July 1

    Created: Thursday, June 30, 2022

    ​The Town of Newmarket will now care for local pets and wildlife with an in-house Animal Services program. As of July 1, residents should now call the Town of Newmarket’s Customer Service Centre at 905-895-5193 (press 3 after hours) to report sick, injured or orphaned wildlife, stray pets, dog bites and by-law enforcement to support animal welfare.

    Following a pilot project, the Town of Newmarket is bringing Animal Services back in house to offer localized services to its community.

    Newmarket Animal Services will continue to work with local partners, including:

    The newly developed Animal Services department is dedicated to ensuring Newmarket’s animals – both pets and wildlife – are well cared for. In addition to the core services, the team will conduct proactive education initiatives to support responsible pet ownership.

    In its commitment to animal welfare, the Town has created the Transparent Wildlife Care Initiative. Through this initiative, the Town will track the journey of wildlife that comes into its care and will share it with residents (upon request). This gives residents the peace of mind that the animals are well cared for and the opportunity to contribute to the animal’s ongoing care and treatment by donating to the specific wildlife rehabilitation facility providing that care. 

    An Animal Services Officer will be on duty Monday to Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

    Residents can call the Town’s Customer Service Centre at any time at 905-895-5193 and press 3 after standard customer service hours. An after-hours representative will direct the call. Some officers will act in hybrid roles covering both Animal Services and Parking.

    What do residents need to know? Call the Town of Newmarket’s Customer Service Centre at 905-895-5193 for all Animal Services issues and a Newmarket Animal Services officer will be ready to help.

    For more information about Newmarket’s Animal Services offering, visit