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  • 2022 – 2026 Council Priorities set the stage for an extraordinary future

    Created: Monday, April 24, 2023

    Today, Newmarket Council adopted the priorities that will act as the roadmap for continued community success through the current Council term (2022 – 2026) and beyond, helping to guide the community towards an even brighter future.

    "There are many amazing things to look forward to over the next four years, including the addition of the Postmark Hotel in downtown Newmarket, a new multi-use path on Mulock Drive and the opening of the iconic Mulock park where we will welcome artwork and exhibits from the Art Gallery of Ontario at the historic Mulock House, just to name a few," says Newmarket Mayor John Taylor. "We are very excited to share our 2022-2026 Council Priorities, which have been shaped by what we have heard from our community and our shared vision for the future. These priorities will continue to guide us as we create a new path towards our goal of making Newmarket one of the best communities in Canada."

    The five Council Priorities are:

    • Community and economic vibrancy – Attracting and retaining amazing people and businesses to ensure Newmarket's long-term viability through sustainable jobs, while creating a strong and unique brand that differentiates Newmarket from other communities.
    • Customer-first way of life (enhanced by technology) – Ensuring the community has timely access to services that enhance their quality of life.
    • Extraordinary places and spaces – Creating exceptional experiences for the community in shared and accessible public spaces.
    • Environmental sustainability – Preserving our environmental assets and addressing climate change for future generations.
    • Diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community – Building a strong, healthy and equitable community where everyone feels an unwavering sense of belonging.

    Creating a differentiating brand strategy and plan for the continued enhancement of the arts in Newmarket will be a key area of focus for Newmarket in the coming years. The goal is to continue to strengthen the Town's reputation as a vibrant place to live for entrepreneurs, artists and knowledge workers, building a strong local and innovative economy.

    Highlights of some of the actions outlined in the Council Priorities report, include;

    • Opening and enthusiastically programming the Mulock park and house, a community landmark for current and future generations.
    • Implementing a pilot project to explore the pedestrianization of downtown Newmarket.
    • Exploring the re-development and re-purposing of the former Operations Centre (Timothy Street) into a thriving community hub for innovation, arts and entrepreneurialism.
    • Adding vibrancy to Mulock Drive through the completion of the Mulock Multi-use path.
    • Updating the Community Energy Plan to ensure the Town leads in climate action.
    • Continuing to create more cycling and walking options in the community.
    • Implementing the Action Plan to dismantle anti-Black racism.
    • Continuing the Town's strong commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through engagement, education and action resulting in meaningful change.

    Redesigning and updating the Town website to enhance online services and improve user experiences and create an app to continue to improve communication and access to services.

    The Council priorities report paints the picture of Newmarket’s future vision as a place for creative entrepreneurs, innovators and artists. The Town will continue to be a green community and make significant progress (working with other levels of government) towards creating housing options for everyone. Big steps will be taken on a path to being an inclusive community, ensuring everyone sees Newmarket as a welcoming place to call home. For more information and to read the full report, please visit