Future Energy Saving Measures


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The following are some future energy saving measures currently being considered by the Town of Newmarket at Town of Newmarket facilities and buildings:

1. Install Glycol Pump VFD Drives

The existing glycol pumps at the Magna Centre are constant flow pumps equipped with 30 horsepower motors. Honeywell has investigated the installation of variable frequency drives on these pumps. However, CIMCo was not receptive to this idea; as such, this measure may be considered for future implmentation.

​2. Install Reverse Osmosis Softwater Systems

The installation of reverse osmosis softwater systems were considered for the Magna Centre and Ray Twinney. However, this measure did not meet the financial criteria of this project. However, this measure did not meet the financial criterial of this project.

3. Install a SCR Modification to Existing Electric Coil

Modulating control was considered for implementation on the existing electric heating coil on RTU-8. The existing electric heating coil is equiped with four bank heaters. However, this measure did not meet the financial payback criteria of this project. ​