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​ Policy Name

Policy Number​
Accessibility Standards for Customer Service CORP. 2-01
Accountability and Transparency CORP. 1-03
Asset Management Corporate Policy
​Committee Administration​CORP. 3-02
Committee Public Appointment CORP. 3-01
Community Engagement Policy
Corporate Debt PolicyFinancial Services Report 2002-32
Corporate Financial Leasing FIN. 1-01
Council Request for Info & Use of Staff Resources
CAO 1-01
Deferral of Payment of Development Charges and Planning Application Fees
Planning and Building Services Report 2012-22
Donation Policy
​FIN 7.01 - Financial Services
Elected Officials Expense CORP. 1-07
Guiding Principles
Appendix A
Guidelines for Discretionary Expenses
Appendix B
Email Service StandardsCI. 1-02
Employee Relations & Inte​rnal Communications (ERIC)​CAO. 1-04
FilmCORP. 1-04
Integrated Accessibility Standards RegulationCORP. 2-02
Internet & Email Acceptable Use Policy & GuidelinesIT. 1-01
Investment PolicyFIN. 3-01
Long-term Use of Community FacilitiesPRC. 8-01
Media Relations PolicyCOMM. 5-01
Municipal FlagCORP. 1-05
Notice PolicyCORP. 1-02
Operating and Capital Financial Policy​FIN. 2-01​
Professional Development ExpensesCAO. 1-02
Meal Allowances
Schedule A
Convention Expense Report
Schedule B
Travel Report
Schedule C
Protection of Personal InformationCORP. 1-08
Records Retention PolicyCORP. 1-06
Appendix A
Procedures for the Destruction of Records
Appendix B1
Destruction Form
​Appendix B2
Archival Appraisal Guidelines
Appendix C
Procedures Corporate Records Storage​
​Appendix D1
Transfer of Records Form
​Appendix D2
Records Management Guidelines for Council
Appendix E
Records Retention Policy Appendix
Appendix F
Sale of Land PolicyLEGAL. 1-01
Service Pricing PolicyCAO. 1-03
Sidewalk InstallationPWES. 1-01
Social Media PolicyCOMM. 3-01
Employee Guidelines
Appendix A
Protocols for Corporate Social Media Use
Appendix B
Special Events Protocol Policy​CAO.03-02
​          Special Events Protocol ProcedureCAO.3-02-001
Technology Equipment Acceptable Use (under development)IT. 1-02
Telephone Service StandardsCI. 1-01
Use of Corporate Logo, Crest and ImagesCOMM. 2-01
Use of Corporate Resources - Election Campaign ActivitiesCORP. 1-01