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Policy NamePolicy Number
Adjustments to Temporary Salary Rates
HR. 9-06
BenefitsHR. 6-01
Benefits for Early RetirementHR. 6-02
Bereavement LeaveHR. 11-06
Definition of Non-Union EE StatusHR. 1-01
Drug and Alcohol
​HR. 5-02
Economic AdjustmentsHR. 9-03
Emergency LeaveHR. 11-07
​​​Employee Code of Con​duct​CAO. 3-01
Employee ComplaintsHR. 4-01
Floater HolidayHR. 3-04
Harassment and Discrimination Free WorkplaceHR.13-04
Workplace Program
HonourariumHR. 9-09
Inclement WeatherHR. 8-02
​​Media Contacts​
Job Evaluation PolicyHR. 9-08
Jury Duty Court Appearances PolicyHR. 11-05
Service Recognition and Retirement AwardsHR. 8-03
​Appendix A
​Appendix A
Management Compensation Lieu DaysHR. 3-02
Mileage AllowanceHR. 8-05
Normal Hours of WorkHR. 2-06
Overtime PolicyHR. 2-02
Parental LeaveHR. 11-03
Personal Leave of AbsenceHR. 11-01
Position AdministrationHR. 9-07
Pregnancy Leave Policy
HR. 11-02
Professional Development Expenses​CAO. 1-02
Appendix A
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix​ B
Progressive DisciplineHR. 4-01
Promotions, Transfers, Secondments & Acting AssignmentsHR. 9-04
Recruitment and SelectionHR. 12-01
Red Circle RatesHR. 9-05
Resignation/Termination of EmploymentHR. 4-03
RetirementHR. 6-03
Return to Work HR. 8-06
Salary Administration HR. 9-01
Salary Progression HR. 9-02
Security - Employee ID Badges HR. 8-04
Shift PremiumsHR. 2-04
Appendix A
Appendix A
Sick LeaveHR. 11-04
Functional Abilities Form
Standby Pay and Call-OutHR. 2-03
Town Paid HolidaysHR. 3-03
Tuition Assistance Policy
HR. 10-01
VacationHR. 3-01
Violence Free WorkplaceHR. 13-03
Workplace Program
Wearing ApparelHR. 7-01
Wearing Apparel and Dress Code
Appendix A
WellnessHR. 8-07
Workplace Safety Insurance Act Related AbsencesHR. 11-08