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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​��​The Newmarket Planning department processes and reviews Official Plan, Zoning By-law, Subdivision and Condominium applications. A list of applications currently underway with the Planning Department is available below. For the most up to date information and current application status, please contact the Planning Department. The locations of current applications are available on the Active Developments map of Navigate Newmarket. The applications listed below are sorted according to ward. For a map of the wards of Newmarket, visit this page.​

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Terms or acronyms used in the table below may be unfamiliar to some readers. Their meanings are listed at the end of this page​. 

​For information on current Committee of Adjustment applications, please see the Committee of Adjustment​ page.


Ward 1

File Number

Type of Application & Brief Description



Staff Responsible

D7, D9, D12 & D14-NP1316



28 Townhomes

End of Silken Laumann

Finalizing documents for the OMB order

Dave Ruggle

D14-NP1229 & D12-NP1229

National Homes


143 Single Detached

End of Newpark Blvd

Applications approved. Plan Registration Pending

Dave Ruggle

D14-NP1523 & D9-NP1523



10 Townhomes

16333 Leslie StreetApplication in progress Dave Ruggle


Town initiated​​​

ZBA setback to Kingdale Residents Interface between Kingdale and Goldstein Appealed to the OMBDave Ruggle


Ward 2

File NumberType of Application & Brief DescriptionLocationStatus

Staff Responsible

D9-NP1312, D12-NP1312, D14-NP1312

Former cemetery lands on Leslie


321 Town house units (98 on a public roads and 223 on private roads)  

16920 & 16860 Leslie Street. West side of Leslie street North of Mulock Drive



Applications in progress

Heritage Impact Assessment Peer review20180207_BogartJohnston House HIA_ Peer Review_ERA.pdf

Dave Ruggle


Lorne Park Gardens

Site Plan Application for 73 Townhomes

955 and 995 Mulock DriveApplications approved; under technical reviewUnder technical reviewLinda Traviss
D11-NP1411Site Plan Application for entrance reconfiguration and parking lot expansion16945 Bayview AvenueUnder technical reviewLinda Traviss
D11-NP1509Site Plan Application for new retirement home17210 Leslie Street
Under technical reviewLinda Traviss




Zoning By-law Amendment for a 55-space surface parking lot

596, 602, 606 and 610 Grace Street


On holdAdrian Cammaert
D9-NP16-09, D14-NP16-09​Application for Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit a four-storey 82-unit apartment building
​April 2017: Submission revised by applicant based on initial feedback.
​751-757 Gorham Street​Application in Progress

Public meeting held May 8th, 2017

No current application activity, awaiting resubmission from applicant
​Ted Horton
​D11-NP1612​Site Plan Application for new academic building and headmaster's house​​​​
​16945 Bayview Ave
Under technical review​Meghan White
​New residential fourplex.
​680 Gorham Street
Under technical review
​Linda Traviss
​Concurrent Zoning By-law Amendment Application and Site Plan Approval Application to permit an accessory parking lot with 151 spaces for exclusive use by the York Region District School Board Offices across the street
​285 Harry Walker Parkway South
​Application in Progress

Public Meeting held March 19, 2018
Meghan White
​Application for Site Plan Approval to permit the construction of ten commercial buildings containing restaurants, retail stores, personal service shops, and financial institutions along with one hotel building
​1250 Davis Drive & 1240 Twinney Drive
​Under technical review
​Linda Traviss

Ward 3

File NumberType of Application & Brief DescriptionLocationStatus

Staff Responsible

D11-NP1410Site Plan Application for new gas bar and convenience store
17844 Leslie StreetApplication approved, awaiting execution of agreementsTed Horton
​D11-NP1204​Site Plan Application for new industrial building​235 Pony DriveUnder technical review​Linda Traviss
​D11-NP1604​​Site Plan Application for parking lot expansion​445 Harry Walker ParkwayUnder technical review​Ted Horton
​D11-NP1705​Site Plan Application for parking lot expansion
​17775 Leslie StreetUnder technical review
​Ted Horton
Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit four 3-storey condominium residential townhouse blocks totalling 30 units, with a height of 11.14 metres. More details and documents available here.
1038-1040 Jacarandah Drive
Applications in Progress
Dave Ruggle
​D09-18-22 (OPA) & D14-NP18-22 (ZBA)
​Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit the existing three single-detached lots to be developed into twenty-three freehold townhouses sharing a central private road
​1015-1029 Davis Drive
​Applications in Progress
​Ted Horton


Ward 4

File NumberType of Application & Brief DescriptionLocationStatus

Staff Responsible


Site Plan Approval to permit the construction of a mixed use block including ground floor commercial, high-rise residential, and walkout townhouse units.

17645 Yonge StreetApplication in progress
Ted Horton
D12-NP1220 & D14-NP1220Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning Bylaw Amendment to permit 9 townhouses and 2 semi-detached houses
281 Main Street NorthZoning By-law approved
Draft Plan of Subdivision conditions approved and to be fulfilled
Ted Horton
​D14-NP1329​ZBA to permit stacked townhouse development​345-351 Davis Drive​ZBA Application ApprovedAdrian Cammaert
​D09-NP1703 & D14-1703​Draft Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-law Amendment to permit 6 new semi-detached lots for 12 new homes
172-178 Old Main Street​Application in progress
​​Meghan White


Ward 5

File NumberType of Application & Brief DescriptionLocationStatus

Staff Responsible

D14-NP1001ZBA to permit a 11/12 storey mixed use residential building17365 / 17395 Yonge St (Yonge and Millard)Expecting an update to the application to be submittedAdrian Cammaert
D9-NP1109 & D14-NP1109OPA and ZBA to permit a 12 storey residential building and townhouses55 EagleApplication was appealed to the OMBAdrian Cammaert

D14 NP1319

Clock Tower

ZBA to permit 165 Residential units above 5 units of ground floor commercial178, 180, 184, 188, 190 and 194 Main StreetApplication was appealed to the OMBDave Ruggle
D11-NP1519​Site Plan Application for parking lot expansion180-200 Davis DriveUnder technical review
Linda Traviss
​D14-NP-1605​Site Plan Application for a two-storey medical office and retail, pharmacy and medical clinic and laboratory​507 Mulock Drive​Application in progressTed Horton
​​D11-NP-151​8​Site Plan Application for parking lot expansion575 Penrose StreetApproved in principle; awaiting technical submission​Linda Traviss
D14-NP17-02 & D11-NP17-02​ZBA and Site Plan applications to construct a 5 storey office and retail building with a parkade
​514 Davis Drive​​Application in progress​Meghan White
ZBA to permit three residential buildings, one 9-storey building and two 15-storey buildings, each on a podium. More details and documents available here.

175 Deerfield Road
​ZBA approved.
Site Plan Approval application in progress
​​Ted Horton
​ZBA to permit the existing two residential lots to be divided into three residential lots with a single detached residential dwelling on each. More details and documents available here.
​247-251 Kathryn Crescent
​ZBA submitted, under review
​Dave Ruggle

​Ward 6

File NumberType of Application & Brief DescriptionLocationStatus

Staff Responsible

D11-NP1516​Site Plan Application for new Shoppers Drug Mart
16635 Yonge Street, northeast corner of 
Under technical review
Ted Horton
​D9-NP1613, D12-NP1613, D14-NP1613​OPA, ZBA, DPS

DIS PBS report 2018 16 shining hill comprehensive report.pdf

Location Map
Please note the Town of Newmarket does not have any further development applications for the lands surrounding this development proposal. 
​West side of Yonge Street south of Issac Phillips Way and Kalinda Road

​Application in progress​Dave Ruggle

Ward 7

File NumberType of ApplicationLocationStatus

Staff Responsible​





209 single detached

223 townhouse dwellings

298 apartment dwellings

A commercial block and institutional block

Former Glenway Golf ClubApplications approved. Plan Registration pending Dave Ruggle

D12-NP1322 & D14-NP1322




651 residential units consisting of single detached, semi-detached, on street townhouses and back to back townhouses

West of Upper Canada MallApplications approved. Plan Registration pending Dave Ruggle
D11-NP1412Site Plan Application for 74 townhouses470 Crossland GateUnder technical review
Linda Traviss
​Site Plan Application for Expansion of Upper Canada Mall​17600 Yonge Street
Under technical review
​Linda Traviss


Upper Canada Mall Master Plan

​OPA for implementation of Master Plan to guide future long-term development. Master Plan proposal includes mixed use land uses of varying densities and heights, 5,000 new residential units, 9,700m2 of commercial space and 4,500 parking spaces above/below ground

Future development will require further development applications at a later date

More details and documents available here.

17600 Yonge Street (Upper Canada Mall)

​Complete Application received. Application in progress. 

Meghan White
​D9-NP-1905 (OPA)
D14-NP-1905 (ZBA)

292 Stacked Townhouse Units, configured in ten blocks

12 Live/Work units, configured in two blocks

Site Plan.pdf
​Block 164-165, Estates of Glenway Community
​​Complete application received. Application in progress. 
​Alannah Slattery

Some documents and plans are provided to illustrate proposed developments. These are submitted by the applicants and do not represent the position of the Town of Newmarket. Additional documents, reports, and studies are available to be consulted at the Town of Newmarket offices at 395 Mulock Drive. If you require these or other documents in an accessible format please contact the Planning Department. ​


  • ​Acronyms
    • DPS - Draft Plan of Subdivision
    • EMS - Emergency Medical Services
    • OMB - Ontario Municipal Board
    • OPA - Official Plan Amendment
    • SPA - Site Plan Agreement
    • ZBA - Zoning By-law Amendment