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October 21, 2019: Main Street Inc. Clock Tower Development Update

The Town of Newmarket is continuing its thorough investigation into the unauthorized demolition of 184/186 Main Street, part of the Main Street Clock Inc. development.
The Town previously issued orders on buildings related to the Main Street Clock Inc. as a result of unauthorized demolition. The Main Street Clock Inc. renovation project is under three separate building permits (184/186, 188/190/192 and 194) - please see diagram below. 
Stop Work Orders remain in place on two of the buildings (184/186 and 188/190/192), as the Town continues its investigation.
In order to preserve the heritage aspects of the middle building (188/190/192) and maintain safety, the Chief Building Official has authorized bracing work to proceed, but the Stop Work Order remains in place. This work could begin as early as Tuesday, October 22, 2019. The Town will have a significant presence throughout this work.
The remaining building (194) was previously issued an Order to Comply under the Ontario Building Code. The requirements have now been met and the Town does not have any legal grounds to stop work at this address. Construction on this building is nearing completion and it is in the best interest of the Town and Main Street for it to proceed.
The Town is strongly committed to protecting the heritage of the Downtown Area to ensure it is preserved, restored and beautified.More information will be provided to the community once the investigation is complete.

Main Street Clock Inc. Diagram

October 10, 2019: Statement from the Town of Newmarket

The Town of Newmarket has recently been made aware of the demolition of 184 and 186 Main Street. The original scope of work and conditions for the building permits were only to conduct interior alternations to the building.  
The Town of Newmarket is issuing a STOP WORK ORDER on all buildings related to the Main Street Clock Inc. Development (188, 190, 192 and 194 Main Street) until further notice.
The Town of Newmarket is committed to protecting the heritage of the Downtown Area to ensure it is preserved, restored and beautified. Newmarket is taking this matter seriously and will be conducting a thorough investigation.  We will provide an update to the community as soon as possible.

Update: May 2019

Applications for consent and minor variance have been submitted to the Town's Committee of Adjustment.  The intent of the consent applications is to create legally, separate parcels for each building that could facilitate individual ownership.  As each newly proposed parcel would exceed the allowable Floor Space Index (FSI) permitted by the zoning by-law, minor variance applications have been submitted concurrently.   

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The Committee of Adjustment will be hearing these applications on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 9:30 a.m., in the Council Chambers, in the Municipal Offices at 395 Mulock Drive, Newmarket. 

For further details regarding the Committee of Adjustment applications, please contact :

Alannah Slattery, BES, MCC
Planner / Secretary Treasurer, Committee of Adjustment
Planning and Building Services

905-953-5300, ext. 2456

Update: April 2019

The Town has received the application for Heritage Permit for façade restoration on 184 to 194 Main Street South. Using appropriate conservation principles, the facades of the three buildings will be rehabilitated and restored. The conservation proposal is currently under review by the Lower Main Street South Heritage Conservation District Advisory Group. 

Below is a summary of the buildings and proposed works. A copy of the proposed conservation plan is can be found in the Main Street South Conservation Plan by GBCA Architects

184/186 Main Street South ​
This two storey building is identified as a Historic Commercial Building in the Lower Main Street South Heritage Conservation District. The existing multi-layered siding will be carefully removed from the upper storey. Once the original siding material is exposed, final façade restoration will be determined. The District Conservation Plan indicates that the original finish was likely plaster.
184-186 Main Street South Building

188/190 Main Street South 

The existing painted brick is in fair condition on this two story Historic Commercial Building. The façade will undergo a gentle cleaning to remove the paint and brick work will be restored, repaired and repointed as necessary depending on the condition of the brick.  The original parapet, extending above the ridge of the gable roof behind, will be replicated based on historic photographs.  

188-190 Main Street South Building

194 Main Street 

The removal of the metal siding revealed a number of anchors throughout the façade and missing heritage attributes such at the parapet, lug sills and cornice and pilasters on this Historic Commercial Building. The façade restoration will see the upper portion of the heritage façade rebuilt to match the façade of the building to the south and replica cornice and pilasters matching as close as possible to the original configuration above the storefront. The brick work will be restored, repaired and repointed as necessary. The storefront will be brought forward to be in line with the upper façade. 

Window and masonry restoration is based on the below principles: 


  • Restoration and re-glazing of windows
  • Documentation of all windows
  • Replicate existing muntin profiles and fenestration pattern
  • Clean sills and lintels where soiled, stained or painted


  • Structural analysis of the street facade walls
  • Stabilization and restoration of masonry
  • Selective masonry cleaning
194 Main Street South Building

Main Street South Storefronts.png 

(click image to enlarge) 

All storefronts will be replaced with new glazing and trim ready for new occupants. The existing one storey late 20th century infill building between 190 and 194 Main Street South is noted as being neither Historic nor Complementary in the Conservation District Plan. The one storey building will have a new storefront and is proposed to have a false wall representing a second storey bringing the height up to that of the building at 194 Main Street South to keep a consistent height between the existing buildings.


Clocktower Chronology

Newmarket Council passed By-law 2013-51 in October 2013 to implement the Lower Main Street South Heritage Conservation District.

In 2016, the Town received an application to redevelop this property while the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal on the Conservation District remained outstanding. As the proposal did not conform to the zoning by-law for the lands, an amendment was required. This zoning amendment application was denied by the Town, resulting in its appeal to the OMB.

In 2018, an agreement was reached on these properties. Through negotiations between the Town of Newmarket and Main Street Clock Towner Inc. (MSCI), the Town settled two outstanding OMB appeals and a court action from 2003 around a land exchange agreement in market square. This was a significant settlement as it avoided spending hundreds of thousands in legal fees and moved MSCI away from their originally proposed 7-story building. It also resulted in a proposal that would maintain existing buildings, preserve and enhance heritage elements and improve a key area of downtown Newmarket.

The minutes of settlement further refined the original 2003 commitment by adding an upset limit of $100,000 to the grant funding, and confirming that that amount would be set aside for MSCI from the Economic Development reserve fund, and not detract from the budget of the existing program.

On March 29, 2019, the Newmarket Downtown Development Committee (NDDC) deferred the Façade Improvement and Restoration, and the Interior Renovation and Improvement Program grant applications from MSCI until further details are provided, as per the program requirements.

If approved, a grant of up to $100,000, covering up to 50 per cent of the costs of the renovation could be provided. 

180 Main Street South (former residence and post office building)

MSCI are proposing to replace some flood damaged drywall, fix up the HVAC, and replace the roof. This is considered routine maintenance work that was deemed not to require a Building Permit.  The Town did advise they might need sidewalk protection and a Road Occupancy Permit from Public Works for the roofing work.

184/186 -  188-192 - 194 Main Street South

Building Permit applications were received on March 22nd for interior restoration work, which includes removing and replacing drywall, carpet/flooring, repairing subfloors and capping plumbing. The intent is to create an open shell space for future tenant fit-outs.  

We received revisions to the Building Permits applications on March 29th to extend the work to include the exterior façades on the Main Street Side.

Building Permits for the interior work only were issued on April 3, 2019.  The façade restoration plans are currently under review

A staff report to Council is expected April 29, 2019 to provide any further updates.

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