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H​igh water billing inquiries should be directed to NT Power by calling 905-895-2309 or emailing enquiries@ntpower.ca

If your water bill is a result of an unexpected spike in consumption, this is typically due to a leak somewhere in your home. Property owners are responsible for the infrastructure of their home, including the water that passes through the water meter.

If your water bill is high (at least double the amount in consumption from the last month), you can also check to see if the amount is a result of a 'true up'. True-up billing occurs when previous water meter readings were estimated. If the previous water meter readings were estimated low, and an actual water meter reading was provided after, the customer will be billed or credited the difference in amounts. 

Water meter readings are estimated when NT Power is unable to obtain an actual water meter reading. This can be due to a broken wire on the water meter, a water meter failing to communicate with the water meter reader, or an obstructed water meter (behind a gate etc.). When this occurs, NT Power will leave a door hanger indicating the need for the property owner to call in their water meter reading. If an actual water meter reading is not obtained, NT Power will estimate the water meter usage until an actual water meter reading is obtained. 

If you have questions about your water bill, please contact NT Power by calling 905-895-2309.  

If you suspect a problem with the water meter (physically broken or leaking) please contact the Town of Newmarket at 905-895-5193 or email info@newmarket.ca as soon as possible. 

Ways to identify a leak

  1. Turn-off all water sources overnight and monitor if the water meter (typically located in the basement) registers any consumption. If the water meter registers a consumption despite all water sources being off, there is an active leak on the property.
  2. Perform a toilet dye test – use a bottle of food colouring and put a few drops in the tank of every toilet in the house. If you see colour in the bowl, this indicates a leak. 
  3. Check for water patches under the kitchen, bathroom and laundry sinks
  4. For properties with water softeners, check for signs of a cracked rotor valve or any loose fittings. 
  5. If none of the steps above help you identify a leak in your home, the Town recommends hiring a licensed plumber to help find the source of the leak. 

High-water bill investigation 

If you wish the Town of Newmarket to conduct a thorough investigation on your water bill, please complete an application form with the appropriate required information and email it to water@newmarket.ca

The Town of Newmarket is only responsible for the water meter in the home. Property owners are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure within their home including the water that passes through the meter. Newmarket's water meters are mechanical and can only register consumption if water passes through it. Consumption that is used and passed through the water meter will be billed accordingly. 

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