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Newmarket is known for its vibrant food and brewery scene. With high-quality restaurants located throughout the town, residents and visitors are able to enjoy unique and renowned culinary experiences. The Town supports the energy and life that outdoor restaurant patios bring to our streets and the business that they bring to local restaurants and retailers. Outdoor patios attract visitors and residents to eat, shop, and enjoy all that Newmarket has to offer.

This page provides details on establishing an outdoor patio in the Town of Newmarket.

Patios on Town-owned lands

Since 2015 the Town has permitted a number of patios to be located on Town-owned lands located in the historic downtown area of Main Street South. These have included patio structures built in front of restaurants with wooden sidewalk extensions around them built through on-street parking bays. 

Restaurants on Main Street South interested in hosting a patio will require Town approval of the location and design of a patio located on Town-owned land.

Applications are open for the 2020 season. You can find application requirements below. Please submit any applications by March 27th. 

Contact Planning Services for questions or for more information.

Patios on private lands

Patios located on private lands can include restaurant patios that are built into parking lots, sidewalks, or landscaped areas. Patios are required to comply with the applicable zoning by-law and may require site plan approval or a minor amendment to an existing site plan agreement. Contact Planning Services for more information and assistance.


For Town licenses required for outdoor serving areas, please contact staff from Legislative Services. Information on Town licensing is available online here.

Liquor licenses are managed by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario