REV it Up: Administrative and Service Delivery Review


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The Town of Newmarket is one of 39 municipalities to receive a grant ($172,000) from the Province of Ontario’s Audit and Accountability Fund to conduct an Administrative and Service Delivery Review in October 2019.

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As a result of this funding, Newmarket launched its REV it up (Revenue, Efficiencies and Value Add) campaign, a review of the municipality’s internal administrative and service delivery. The Town's goal through REV it Up is to improve its operational efficiency and effectiveness so that it can improve services for Newmarket families and businesses, and enable the Town to better support its community and staff members. 

This three-month campaign, conducted by the Town's consultant, StrategyCorp, helped the Town realized over 150 improvement opportunities, approximately $1.9 to $2.6 million in direct cost savings over seven years, identified initiatives that will result in future cost avoidance and increased productivity and $300,000 to $350,000 in new revenues. 

This was achieved through 80 one-on-one interviews and workshops with staff and an internal idea submission campaign, which saw 80+ ideas being submitted. REV it Up identified over 150 different improvement areas that could generate new revenues, produce operational efficiencies, and support increased value-add activities. 18 of the identified initiatives are considered "high-impact" and represent a significant return on investment for the Town. 

The findings of the Administrative and Service Delivery Review was submitted to the province of Ontario on December 31st. 

This review will not result in any job loss or reduction in levels of service for our residents. The findings will provide the Town with recommendations on how to deliver long-term sustainable savings and incorporate efficiencies, while maintaining and/or improving service levels.