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Welcome to the Town of Newmarket's Stormwater Charge Estimator. Your Stormwater Charge is calculated by multiplying the size of your property by the runoff level group rate. To see how your runoff level group rates is assigned, please view the table below.​


Runoff Level Group Rates

​​​Low runoff level ​group​Medium runoff level group​High runoff level group
Natural area - green space​​​​Residential.pngIndustrial.png
​Examples: natural areas, vacant properties, golf courses etc.​Examples: residential and institutional properties.​​Examples: Commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings. 
​$0.014941 per square metre

$0.001388 per square foot

​$0.073046 per square metre

$0.006786 per square foot

​$0.146145 per square metre

$0.013577 per square foot​​

Stormwater Charge Estimator 

Insert your street number and street name in the estimator below to calculate your Stormwater Charge. Stormwater services are no longer be funded though property taxes and water rates. Property owners will see a corresponding reduction in their property tax and water bills. The estimator calculates the net impact the stormwater charge. Some properties will pay more for stormwater while others will pay less as the Town moves  to this user pay fee structure. For more information on how your charge is calculated, click 'more details' for a detailed breakdown. ​