Park Etiquette


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​​Respect the environment

Newmarket's parks and trails are a great place to enjoy the outdoors. It is important to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. Please stay on the trail and avoid walking or biking through natural areas. When disposing of any items, please use the waste and recycling bins provided. A good rule to follow when enjoying the outdoors is: Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

See a problem or spot graffiti?

Let's work together to keep Newmarket's parks, properties and trails clean and beautiful! If you spot graffiti or see a hazard or problem that needs attention on the trails, parks or natural areas, you can report it to the Town in one of the following ways:

  • Call us at 905-895-5193
  • Online
  • Send us an email (include photos and locations)
  • Use the Report a Problem feature on the My Waste App on your smart phone.

Removing graffiti quickly helps to prevent it in future. If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 911.  Graffiti is a crime and should be reported to York Regional Police​​.


When enjoying the parks and trails, don't forget to clean up after your pet. Please Stoop and Scoop and remember to keep your pet restrained on a leash at all times. Please refer to the Animal Control By-law for more information.

Passing on the trails

Whether you are walking, running or biking, the trails are for everyone's enjoyment so please be safe and courteous around others. It is standard practice when passing, to make others aware of your presence. Use a bell on your bicycle or call "on your left" to announce that you are passing another trail user.