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  • Remove Lymantria dispar dispar (LDD) egg masses from trees

    Created: Wednesday, October 13, 2021

    ​Newmarket is currently at the egg mass stage of the LDD lifecycle.

    This fall, the Town will be removing LDD egg masses with backpack vacuums in areas with trees that are vulnerable to LDD feedings. Trees selected for egg mass removal will be marked with a white dot. Residents can also help reduce the number of LDD caterpillars in the community by scraping and destroying LDD egg masses on their trees. The scraping of LDD egg masses can be done from now until early May. (next year). See below for steps on how to scrape egg masses off of trees:

    How to Identify LDD Egg Masses

    Egg masses are a small cluster of eggs that range in the size of a dime to a little bit bigger than a quarter. Egg masses can contain anywhere from 100 to 1,000 eggs. They are tan or light brown in colour and has a soft fuzzy look to it. These egg masses are typically found on the trunk of the tree anywhere from ground level up to about 60 cm above the ground is typical however they can be anywhere along the trunk. They are also commonly found on the undersides of branches, and in crevasses on the tree. Although less commonly found, the moths will also ley the eggs on the leaves, and on other nearby objects such as firewood, outdoor furniture, fences, and even the sides of sheds and houses.

    Tools you need to remove LDD Egg Masses

    • A tool for scraping such as a putty knife, butter knife, pot scraper or spoon

    • Gloves and protective eye wear as LDD egg masses can cause skin irritation

    • A container to hold the egg masses

    • Dish soap and water

    How to remove LDD Egg Masses

    1.  Using your tool, scrape the egg masses into a container. When scraping the tree make sure not to damage the bark of the tree. Make sure to catch all of the eggs because ones that fall on the ground and aren't collected can still hatch next year. 

    2. To destroy the eggs, fill the container that you have collected the egg masses in with water and a bit of dish soap and let them sit in it for at least 48 hours then dispose of them.

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