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  • Safety tips for tobogganing in Newmarket Parks

    Created: Tuesday, January 18, 2022

    ​Residents are reminded that parks are not maintained for winter activities. Please take extra caution, use at your own risk. Should you choose to toboggan, please follow the safety guidelines below. 

     Users should:

    • Check the hill. Make sure it is free of hazards (trees, rocks, fences, bumps) and away from roads and rivers
    • Avoid ice-covered areas
    • Make sure there is room at the bottom of the hill to stop – away from roads, or bodies of water
    • Use proper sliding equipment and wear a helmet (ski helmets are recommended)
    • Ensure your route is clear before sliding
    • Ensure all children are supervised by an adult
    • Try to maintain 6ft./2m. at all times from others to prevent the spread of COVID-19

    Other tips:

    • Inspect the toboggan to ensure it is in good condition
    • Dress warmly for winter activities. Many inquiries are cold-related, such as frostbit and hypothermia. After tobogganing, change into dry clothes quickly to prevent frostbite.
    • The safest position to be in while tobogganing is kneeling. Sliding on your stomach offer the least protection from head injury. Sliding on your back increases the risk of injuring the spine/spinal cord. 
    • Avoid tobogganing at night