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  • It’s Waste Reduction Week, October 17 – 23

    Created: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

    In honour of Waste Reduction Week (October 17-23), the Town of Newmarket is reminding residents to reduce, reuse and recycle and adopt more environmentally conscious choices to take positive actions against environmental challenges like climate change, water pollution and preservation of natural resources.

    “Thank you Newmarket for continuing to demonstrate your strong commitment to waste reduction. Our collective efforts have helped York Region achieve a 92 per cent diversion rate from landfill,” says Mayor John Taylor. “If each of us continues to make some very simple changes like using a reusable coffee cup and water bottle we can have an even greater impact in reducing waste in our community and creating a more sustainable environment for future generations”.
    See below for two great initiatives in Newmarket in honour of Waste Reduction Week.
    Blue box, green bin and kitchen catcher sale from October 17-23  
    The Town of Newmarket will be offering blue boxes, green bins and kitchen catchers at a discounted price to help ensure that all waste is disposed of properly.  

    • Blue Box*- $8.25 each
    • Green Bin*- $16.50 each
    • Kitchen Catcher*- $3.00 each 
    *Limit 2 per household 
    Residents looking to purchase reduced price bins can do so by:
    • Emailing [email protected] with your order. Orders must include your name, address and phone number. Town staff will call you to obtain your credit card payment information. Do not include credit card information in the email.
    • Calling 905-895-5193, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Purchased items will be delivered by GFL (Green for Life) within 1-2 weeks.
    Electronics E-waste Event on Saturday, October 22  
    Newmarket will host an electronics and battery recycling event on Saturday, October 22 at the 
    Robert N. Shelton Operations Centre (1275 Maple Hill Court). This event will be a drive-thru and drop off style, that will allow residents to properly dispose of unwanted electronics and used batteries. See below for a list of accepted items.  
    Accepted items include: 

     Computers• Printers (desktop and floor standing)
    • Display devices• Printer cartridges
    • Video gaming devices• Telephones, including cellular phones
    • Headphones• Speakers
    • Cameras, including security cameras•  Video recorders
    • Drones with audio or visual recording equipment•  Handheld point-of-sale terminals or devices
    • Musical instruments•  Audio recording equipment
    • Parts of information technology, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment sold separately, such as hard drives• Peripherals and cables used  to support the function of information technology, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment, including charging equipment
    Used household batteries will also be accepted. 

    Residents can also participate by following the steps below to reduce waste:
    • Do not place plastic bags, Styrofoam and furnace filters in recycling bins.
    • Newspaper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, metal cans, and boxboard should all be recycled in the blue box. Before putting cans and jars in the blue box, rinse them and remove lids from the jars.
    • Plastic bags/ film, plastic overwrap, polystyrene, plastic toys, batteries, medical waste, coffee pods and take-out cups do not belong in the blue box.
    • Use compostable bags for kitchen catchers and green bins, and avoid mixing garbage with organic waste (e.g. plastic wrap on a cucumber).
    • Use paper bags for your yard waste or open-top garbage cans with open handles. Yard waste must be under 50 lbs and marked ‘yard waste.’ Acceptable Yard waste includes: weeds, plant trimmings, pumpkins and small branches (please keep grass clippings and dirt out of the bag).
    • Consider donating reusable items such as clothing or toys to charitable, non-profit organizations or community groups rather than throwing them away.
    For more information and to learn more about the Town of Newmarket’s other environmental initiatives, visit