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  • Canada’s fastest internet service is coming to Newmarket!

    Created: Thursday, October 13, 2022

    The Town of Newmarket is excited to announce the acquisition of ENVI, Newmarket’s community-owned Internet Service Provider (ISP), by telMAX. This year, telMAX was recognized by PC Magazine as the fastest internet service in Canada, “with speeds so astonishing it ran right over the competition.” In the age of remote working and the need for faster more reliable internet service, this is a critical step forward and a very significant goal achieved in Newmarket’s overall broadband strategy.

    “The pandemic and working from home, has reinforced the absolute necessity for high-speed broadband in a future-oriented community,’ says Newmarket Mayor John Taylor. “Our goal has always been to ensure affordable high-speed broadband for Newmarket businesses and residents. With the creation of ENVI in 2018, we moved one step closer, and now with this sale, Newmarket will realize that goal with telMAX bringing the fastest internet service in Canada right to your doorstep.”

    In 2018, the Town of Newmarket and Newmarket-Tay Power Distribution (NT Power) invested in ENVI to enhance the Town’s broadband infrastructure and improve connectivity and service for businesses across the community, with the goal of expanding to the residential market in the future. ENVI came to life as part of the Town’s Economic Development Strategy to fill the internet connectivity and service gaps experienced by local business.
    The sale of ENVI accelerates the vision of bringing ultra-high-speed broadband to the entire community, in a shorter timeframe and without further investment from the shareholders.  Without this sale, ENVI would have required a very significant long-term investment from its shareholders to continue to expand in a highly competitive environment.

    “ENVI was created to support the strategic vision of providing universal, quality broadband and the enablement of Smart City services to all the constituents in the Town of Newmarket,” says Ian Collins, ENVI Board Chair. “Today’s announcement will accelerate our realization of that vision and ensure that the community benefits more quickly than the resources of ENVI could have done on our own.”
    Since 2018, ENVI has provided super high-speed service to a wide variety of businesses in Newmarket and surrounding areas, including the Town of Newmarket and NT Power.  Newmarket is now in an even better position to realize its future Smart City aspirations through reaping the community benefits of leading-edge connectivity moving into the future.
    telMAX builds Fibre to the Home/Business networks which are capable of delivering both download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbs internet today. telMAX’s product offerings of Internet, TV and Phone are available in Whitby and Stouffville and will soon be available to the residents and businesses of Newmarket. telMAX was acknowledged as the fastest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Canada by PC Magazine in June 2022, using independent sampling to determine the quality of service provided by ISP’s across the country.
    “We are delighted to be working with the Town of Newmarket to expand the goal of bringing 100% fibre broadband to the community. It is a statistical fact that communities that are connected to fibre infrastructure are growth engines for the local economy,” said Stuart Roberts, CEO of telMAX. “We look forward to playing a significant role in the economic and cultural development of the Town of Newmarket and being a responsible corporate citizen.”
    Newmarket as a Smart City
    This ultra-high-speed broadband network aligns with Newmarket’s commitment to being a Smart City, powered by big ideas, technology, creativity and innovation.

    A Smart City uses technology, data, and analytics to accelerate innovation, drive economic development, develop new efficiencies, improve sustainability, and enhance the quality of life for the residents and workers in the community. Fibre networks are the type of technology that enable future forward transformation and reinvention.

    In 2019, Newmarket was named as one of the Smart21 communities by the Intelligent Community Forum, recognized as one of the 21 communities across the globe that is most ready to face the 21st century. Newmarket joined four other Canadian cities and nine other nations including Taiwan, USA, Estonia, France, Australia and New Zealand. This truly demonstrates Newmarket’s commitment to improving quality of life through technology and innovation.

    About telMAX
    Over the past two years telMAX has built its own fibre optic network in Whitby (Durham Region) and Stouffville (York Region). Using the latest technology, the telMAX network is capable of delivering synchronous speeds up to 10 Gbps and is positioned to be able to deliver faster speeds as equipment becomes available and demand dictates. telMAX is based in Stouffville and employs staff from the communities where it operates. It is planned that staff will be recruited from Newmarket and the surrounding area as the company grows. In June 2022, an independent assessment, by PC Magazine, recognized telMAX as the fastest internet provider in Canada 2022. telMAX offers Fibre Broadband internet, TV and phone services at highly competitive prices with industry leading levels of quality. telMAX is owned by Nova Infrastructure fund and QAI Capital.