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  • Tree pruning in Newmarket this season in preparation for the winter season

    Created: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

    ​Tree pruning in Newmarket this season in preparation for the winter season

    The Town's forestry department along with our contractors will be conducting block pruning work along streets in Newmarket, and winter maintenance pruning to ensure all sidewalk paths and roadways are clear for snow plowing operations. This work will take place from now until early spring.

    You will likely have noticed sidewalk plowing machines conducting dry runs in your neighbourhood to identify trees, encroachments and any obstructions that may impact winter operations. Forestry staff will elevate trees (pruning branches from the bottom up) that may obstruct either the sidewalk plowing machines or the snowplows. In addition, the Town has started also started its annual boulevard tree maintenance program throughout the Town that will aim to prune approximately 5,000 Town-owned trees.

    This important work will help protect Newmarket's tree canopy by keeping them healthy and safe by reducing the chance of branches being hit and causing injury and property damage.

    Residents can help prepare their property for the winter season by:

    • Edging your sod to avoid tearing when the sidewalk snowplow passes by
    • Ensuring all landscape features are positioned at least 45 cm or 18" away from both sides of the sidewalk

    Tree pruning work includes branch removal to ensure it is not interfering with sightlines and clearances on sidewalks, roadways and driveways.

    For more information on tree pruning or other tree-related services by the Town's Forestry department please email [email protected]  or call 905-895-5193.