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  • Construction Notice: Pavement Marking (line painting) on various streets in Newmarket (April to May)

    Created: Friday, April 19, 2024

    As part of the Town of Newmarket’s Speed Management Pilot Program, the Town will be painting the road to create urban shoulders and enhance centrelines, left turn lanes, stop bars and crosswalk lines on various streets in Newmarket starting April 24. 

    These line markings are integral to a safer Newmarket as they indicate where the lanes are, signal where it’s safe to pass, and guide drivers and pedestrians through intersections safely while providing visual cues to prevent accidents. Urban shoulders also assist with slowing down traffic as a traffic calming measure by making the road seem narrower.  

    The following work will take place during the evening on the streets (when traffic is less) as noted below starting the week of April 24 (weather dependent):  

    The following areas will be affected:

    • Veterans Way (Leslie Street to Memorial Circle)
    • Poppy Lane (Leslie Street to Memorial Circle)
    • Cenotaph Boulevard (Leslie Street to Memorial Circle)
    • Harewood Boulevard (Bexhill Road to Willow Lane)
    • Copper Hills Area
    • Crossland Gate (Alex Doner Drive to Eagle Street West)

    • Foxcroft Boulevard (Stonehaven Avenue to Far North Circle South)
    • Jordanray Boulevard (Doubletree Lane to Clearmeadow Boulevard)
    • Church Street between Park Avenue and Eagle Street

    After the line painting work, any parking restrictions that were in place will remain the same, and on-street parking will continue to be permitted in accordance with the Town’s parking bylaws. Please be advised that the contractor may ask residents near the area to move their vehicle(s) from the roadway to allow them to proceed with the work. Please also note that the Town cannot be held responsible for damage to any privately owned items (vehicles and trailers etc.) that are on Town property in the right of way or on the street. 

    As with all construction works, residents may notice some dust and noise associated with this work. The Town will work with the contractor to limit disruptions as much as possible.  

    For more information about Town’s traffic management programs is available on the Town’s website at: