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  • Separate Stormwater Charge Invoice

    Created: Friday, June 07, 2019

    This past week, for the first time, residents may have received a separate stormwater invoice for the stormwater charge. This was done to accommodate a new property tax system and to be compliant with legislation that does not allow the stormwater charge to be directly added on the property tax bill.

    We have heard from a number of residents who have inquired about streamlining the payment process. We are looking for a better and more efficient way for residents to be billed.

    In the interim for 2019, residents can pay the stormwater invoice now or wait for the stormwater charge to be added to your property tax account for payment. No late payment fees will be applied until August 1, 2019.

    Paying for stormwater is not new. The stormwater charge was implemented in 2017 and previously funded through property taxes.

    Stormwater management is essential. Without stormwater management services, properties in Newmarket could be at a higher risk of flooding due to aging infrastructure and climate change, and these services require sufficient funding to serve the community.

    Learn more about the stormwater charge and your payment options at