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  • Newmarket is committed to providing high quality and safe drinking water to our residents

    Created: Wednesday, November 06, 2019

    Newmarket is committed to providing high quality and safe drinking water to our residents.  

    The Town of Newmarket would like to remind residents that Newmarket DOES NOT have any lead pipes in the Town’s water distribution system.

    The Town regularly conducts water tests, including samples for lead annually as required by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) to ensure that we continue to provide safe and high-quality water to our residents. 

    In 2007, the Province of Ontario required all municipal drinking water systems to undertake mandatory testing for lead in the drinking water system. After completing rigorous rounds of multi-year residential lead testing, The Town of Newmarket consistently reported concentrations well below the standard, in accordance to the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002.
    In 2019, our samples for lead displayed concentrations of less than or equal to 0.0005mg/L (the lowest detectable limit), which is well below the standard set out by the Province of Ontario (0.01mg/L) and Health Canada’s maximum acceptable concentration (0.005mg/L). 
    In addition, when conducting repairs and replacements to the municipal water distribution system, there has been no records of lead pipe having been discovered within the Town’s infrastructure.
    Lead pipes on private property were banned for use in 1975. Residents who are concerned about lead pipes on their private property, can contact the Town of Newmarket by calling 905-895-5193.
    For more information on lead sample testing and requirements set out by the Province of Ontario and the Safe Drinking Water Act 2002, please visit the Town’s frequently asked questions webpage about lead in water.