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  • Newmarket launches new system for parking offences

    Created: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    The Town of Newmarket has changed its parking ticket resolution process to a faster and more efficient system. The Administrative Monetary Penalty System (AMPS) takes tickets out of the court system, offers a 25% discount for early payment and gives you the chance to dispute the ticket in a friendly, customer-service space.

    This change is effective for tickets issued on or after January 15, 2020. Any tickets issued before will follow the previous process.


    • Offers overall efficiency for the Town through an innovative, technology based solution from enforcement, through processing and resolution

    • Reduces the burden on Newmarket tax payers by eliminating the Court dispute process

    • Offers a balanced method of resolving disputes in a familiar customer service environment

    • Allows Town to resolve parking ticket escalations much faster

    • Rewards motorists that pay early

    How it works

    When you are issued a ticket, you have two options:

    1. Pay your ticket: receive a 25% discount if you pay within 15 days.
    2. Dispute your ticket: Request a screening review to dispute your ticket. You have 15 days to do this from when the notice was issued.

    Learn more about how it works and follow our step-by-step flowchart to understand what to do at

    To pay or dispute a parking ticket, go to the self-serve parking portal at