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  • Central York Fire Services set to start invoicing under the Motor Vehicle Cost-Recovery Program

    Created: Wednesday, March 04, 2020

    In November 2019, Central York Fire Services announced the launch of a two-year pilot program to recover costs associated with responding to motor vehicle collisions on municipal roadways in the Towns of Aurora and Newmarket.

    The program is now running and invoices for accidents since January 1, 2020 will be distributed.

    Drivers who are deemed at-fault for collisions by York Regional Police will be charged for services provided by Central York Fire Services.  Invoices will be sent directly to the insurance company of the at-fault driver and fees are typically paid by the insurer.

    Standard rates charged by fire services for responding to collisions on municipal roadways are approximately $480 per hour. Central York Fire Services responds to approximately 500 motor vehicle collisions on municipal roadways per year with approximately 83 per cent of those qualifying for the cost-recovery program pilot.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cost-Recovery Pilot Program

    Q. I’m not the at-fault driver in my collision. Will I have to pay for the services rendered? 
    A. No. Only at-fault drivers will be billed. 

    Q. I’m the at-fault driver. Will I have to pay the bill directly? 
    A. Invoices will be sent to the insurance company to the owner of the vehicle (based on license plate) deemed by the police as being at-fault. 

    Q. Will my insurance premiums go up if I am invoiced as the at-fault driver? 
    A. You should contact your insurance company directly to discuss how your rates may be impacted as a result of being deemed an at-fault driver. 

    Q. Can I be billed directly instead of going through my insurance company? 
    A. At this time, Central York Fire Services will be sending bills to the insurance company, if no insurance information, CYFS will directly invoice at-fault vehicle owner. 

    Q. How long is the pilot program for? 
    A. The pilot will begin on January 2020 and end December 2021. Decisions about whether or not to convert the pilot program to a permanent program will be made by the Joint Council Committee prior to December 2021. 

    Q. What is my insurance company paying for? 
    A. Your insurance company will be billed for any service provided by CYFS. 

    Q. How much is my insurance company being billed? 
    A. Your insurance company will be billed a set fee of $477.00 plus an Administration fee of $25.00. 

    Q. Does this apply to Non-Residents? 
    A. This applies to both Residents and Non-Residents. 

    Further questions you can contact CYFS at 905-895-9222