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  • Sidewalk Etiquette on Main Street

    Created: Thursday, June 25, 2020

    ​Sidewalk Etiquette on Main Street

    Due to the expansion of patios on Main Street, residents are reminded to follow safe sidewalk etiquette rules on posted signage to ensure safe physical distancing can be maintained.

    1. Walk in single file and on the right side of the sidewalk.

    2. If someone is approaching from the opposite direction, stop and wait for an opening of at least 6ft./2m. before proceeding.

    3. Stay focused. Consider letting less agile or older people pass first.

    4. If you are walking your dog, shorten the leash when necessary. If the leash is stretched, it can make it hard to pass and it can become a tripping hazard.

    5. No cycling roller blading or skateboarding on the sidewalk. If possible, please dismount or take an alternate route.

    Help stop the spread of COVID-19.