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  • Regular parking enforcement starts again July 9

    Created: Wednesday, July 08, 2020

    The Town of Newmarket is slowly phasing in regular parking enforcement, starting by responding to complaints beginning on July 10. Full proactive parking enforcement will come into effect later this fall, as by-law shifts focus from emergency and reopening measures to more routine patrols. 

    The three hour parking restriction on all residential streets remains in effect. This parking limit helps keep roads and sight lines clear which is an important safety measure with more children home and playing outside. It also clears roads for emergency vehicles and gives space for people to bike. 

    Remember to follow these parking restrictions that are in effect in Newmarket:

    • Parking on west and east side of Main Street is restricted to 30 minutes to assist deliveries and curbside pick-up.
    • Do not park on the street for more than three consecutive hours or between the hours of 7 to 11 p.m. unless otherwise posted.
    • Do not park on designated fire routes.
    • Do not park on or over sidewalks, or boulevards located between the sidewalk and roadway.

    Do you have more vehicles at home due to COVID-19?

    The Town understands households may still have more people and vehicles home than usual which is why the we're continuing to relax our on-street parking exemption program to support families during COVID-19. 

    Residents can go to to apply for a temporary on-street parking exemption.  At this time, exemptions are now free of charge and the 15 day limit has been waived. Residents can obtain a permit for five days at a time, which can be renewed as long as needed while the exemption limit is lifted.

    On behalf of fellow residents and to keep roadways safe and free for biking, we encourage those who have space, to park in their garage and driveways.

    Subject to change

    The parking exemption program traditionally runs from April 16 to October 31 and costs $5 per night or $15 for five days. Exemptions are available for a maximum of 15 days per year. To help families during the pandemic, the fee and cap on days has been lifted as a temporary measure which is subject to change as people begin to resume more regular activities.