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  • Waste tips when visiting our parks, trails and open spaces

    Created: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

    ​Keep Newmarket clean and green during COVID-19​

    With more people out and about in our parks and open spaces, we need to be extremely mindful of the waste we produce in order to continue to keep Newmarket clean and green. 

    Keep these tips in mind: 

    • Don't litter. Please use the designated garbage bins along our parks and trails. If the bins are full, consider taking your waste home to dispose. 
    • Keep track of your waste. When the wind picks up, waste items may blow away. Keep track of them and try not to litter. 
    • Pick up after your pet. If there isn't a garbage bin nearby, or it's full, bring it home to dispose.
    • Always place used gloves and disposable masks in the garbage. Do not litter these items. 
    • Having a snack on the trail? Bring a bag with you to take litter home with you to properly recycle or trash.
    • Having a picnic in our parks? Pack a zero waste picnic using reusable containers and avoiding paper plates.
    Do your part and properly dispose your waste. Keep these items out of the landfill and continue to reduce, reuse and recycle.