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  • Central York Fire Services reminds residents that fireworks are not permitted on the Civic Holiday long weekend

    Created: Friday, July 31, 2020

    Central York Fire Services reminds residents that fireworks are not permitted on the Civic Holiday long weekend

    With COVID-19 changing our typical summer routine, Central York Fire Services (CYFS) reminds Newmarket and Aurora residents that fireworks are not permitted over the Civic Holiday and asks residents to keep fire safety top of mind when cooking, barbequing or having a backyard fire this long weekend.

    In Newmarket and Aurora fireworks are only permitted for sale and use during Victoria Day and Canada Day weekends. Fireworks are NOT allowed on public property, including parks, streets and open fields/spaces in Newmarket and Aurora. Fines for improper use of fireworks in Newmarket start at $600 in accordance with Fireworks By-law 2015-18. Fines for improper use of fireworks in Aurora start at $105 in accordance with Fireworks By-law 5373-11. Newmarket residents can report bylaw infractions, such as the use of fireworks, by calling the Town's After Hours Line at 905-895-5193 (press 3)

    Residents travelling out of town to the cottage or trailer should always check the local bylaws for fireworks and outdoor burning, along with burn bans, to ensure you’re following the rules of the area.

    Campfire with caution
    At this time, there is no fire ban in Newmarket or Aurora. Before planning a backyard fire, residents need to check that their property has the proper set back to safely enjoy a campfire. Go through a checklist of local rules at
    Here are some simple and important dos and don’ts to safely enjoy an outdoor fire:

    • Contain the fire in a chiminea, fire pit or an outdoor oven to control the spread of flames. Remember to keep all containers on ground level and off combustible surfaces such as a wooden deck.
    • Ensure any material being burned is contained within the confines of the appliance.
    • Create a safe distance (at least 4 metres or 13 feet) between the fire and your home, lot lines, trees, fences, vehicles, overhead wires or combustibles.
    • Keep your fire small; under .75 metres (30 inches) in diameter and not more than 1 metre (40 inches) in height.
    • Have a garden hose near the fire and connected to a pressurized water source.
    DO NOT:
    • Let your outdoor fire burn between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.
    • Have an outdoor fire during a fire ban.
    • Burn any noxious or treated material such as oil, grease, painted wood, pressure treated wood, plastic, tires, rags.
    • Burn any materials normally collected under the Towns’ garbage, recycling or yard waste collection programs.
    CYFS asks residents to be extra fire aware and prepared this summer. Remember, whenever there is a flame, always have a water source on hand and ready for action. However, never pour water onto a grease fire. If the fire cannot be suppressed, alert others, evacuate and then call 911 from a safe location. 

    Avoid the temptation to gather with people outside your household or social circle, and if you do, always keep a 6 foot / 2 metre separation to avoid potential transmission of COVID-19. Physical distancing measures remain in place and residents are asked to stay vigilant.

    For more information, safety tips and links to Town by-laws, visit