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  • Public Works: What's in the Works this fall/winter season?

    Created: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

    ​Public Works: What's in the Works this fall/winter season? 

    Learn more about what Public Work's Services does and how they are preparing the Town for the Fall/Winter season. 


    Our Parks team is busy this Fall/Winter season, here are some of the initiatives they are working on:

    • Installing Christmas decorations along Main Street, and the Riverwalk Commons area for Winter Wonderland
    • Completing lighting and fencing projects on various diamonds, sport fields and parks
    • Completing fall tree plantings to help beautify our community
    • Preparing sidewalk/parking lot winter maintenance equipment, finalizing routes and training staff and contractors for the upcoming season

    Facility Services

    Our Facility Maintenance Team is working to winterize park washrooms for public use and completing repairs on the

    water feature at Riverwalk Commons. They are also responsible for prepping/maintaining the ice rinks, our pools and ensuring the building is clean and safe for residents and staff. For the most up-to-date information on what’s open and closed, visit


    As we prepare for the winter maintenance season here are some

    interesting facts:

    • Our salt dome is loaded with approximately 4,500 tonnes of
    • material and over the next 6 months, we will be applying an average of 60 to 70 tonnes of material per event on 312 km of roads so you can get to your destination safely
    • On average we see 50 to 65 snow events per season. Keep track of where the plows are by using the Locate my Plow app at
    • To assist us better, if possible, please do not park on the street as this interferes with snow clearing operations

    Learn more about our snow clearing procedures at

    Water and Wastewater Services

    Did you know that the Water Wastewater Operations team is responsible for operating and maintaining the following?

    • 318 kilometers of distribution system watermain
    • 2689 mainline valves
    • 2,355 municipally owned fire hydrants
    • 26,668 metered water services
    • 1449 microbiological samples collected (2019 Annual Drinking Water Report)
    • 7 sewage pumping stations
    • 283 kms of sanitary sewers
    • Associated valves and chambers
    • 66 Stormwater ponds
    • 310 kms of storm sewers

    All of this infrastructure is taken care of by our water and wastewater operators so you can have the highest quality of water to use and to ensure that wastewater and stormwater are properly managed to protect our environment.