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  • Newmarket and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) advise against skating on Fairy Lake and other bodies of water in Town

    Created: Tuesday, February 02, 2021

    Newmarket and Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) advise against skating on Fairy Lake and other bodies of water in Town

    Being outdoors for fresh air and exercise is very important for our physical and mental health as we work together to combat the on-going pandemic. We are noticing more and more residents putting their lives at risk by skating on bodies of water in Newmarket. Please remember to keep yourself safe, do not skate or participate in any recreational activities on any body of water in Newmarket such as Fairy Lake, the Holland River or any stormwater ponds.

    Why is it unsafe to skate on Fairy Lake? 

    The dam at Fairy Lake helps keep the Town safe from flooding. It does this by regulating the water levels and flow, which can be erratic under climate change. No matter how thick the ice may appear on all bodies of water, temperature changes can cause major variations in ice thickness. These highly unpredictable factors combined, create extremely dangerous conditions that put your safety at risk.

    Where can I participate in outdoor skating activities? 

    Residents are encouraged to seek out other opportunities to skate by visiting Newmarket's Riverwalk Commons or one of the volunteer-run Community Rinks at Lions Park, Whipper Watson Park or the Ken Sturgeon Park.

    Pre-registration is required to skate at Riverwalk Commons by booking a time to skate at Please review the current skating rules and regulations prior to your skate at

    Pre-registration is not required to skate at any of the community rinks however, there are maximum capacity limits and rules at each location. Skating at the community rinks is on a first-come, first served basis. 

    Other outdoor activities in Newmarket 
    Newmarket trails, parks, playgrounds, the outdoor tennis court at Keith Davis tennis court and pickleball court at Quaker Park remain open for use. If you plan on participating in winter activities like tobogganing, please take extra caution. Newmarket parks aren't maintained for these activities and we encourage you to review these safety tips beforehand. 

    When participating in outdoor activities please remember to follow the outdoor social gathering limits (5), remember to stay at least 6ft./2m away from others and to wear a mask or face covering when physical distancing becomes a challenge.  

    The LSRCA would also like to welcome residents to nearby conservation areas. Trails are open and can be used safely as long as visitors follow the safety guidelines, including: 

    • Visit only with your immediate family
    • Maintain a distance of 2m./6ft. from all other park and trail users
    • Be patient and respectful to other park and trail users
    • Always have a mask on hand (yes, even when you're outdoors) in the event you aren't able to maintain proper social distancing from others

    Virtual activities for the whole family 

    The Town also offers a wide variety of virtual at-home experiences to keep you and your family active and engaged while staying at home. The Home Sweet Home Recreation and Culture virtual hub has winter activities for kids, museum learning resources, virtual fitness classes for seniors and more. Check out