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The Town of Newmarket offers the following tax rebate and deferral programs:

Rebates for Water and Wastewater

The program is available to any resident paying a Newmarket residential water/wastewater bill for that property and receiving any of the following government programs:

  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Ontario Works Assistance

The Water/Wastewater Rebate, for qualified applicants, is $37.87 per month ($454.44 per year).  To apply for this rebate, fill in the Water and Wastewater Rebate Application  form and provide proof annually to the Town of Newmarket, Property Tax department that you remain eligible for one of the above programs.

(Finance department staff will contact Newmarket Hydro to adjust your utility bill accordingly).

Rebates for Seniors Tax Assistance

The program provides a property tax rebate to residents who meet the following requirements:

  • 65 years of age or older
  • are residing in the Newmarket home in which the application is for
  • have owned the Newmarket home for at least one year
  • receive a Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement

The Senior Tax Rebate, for qualified applicants, is $345.00 in 2023. Only one rebate amount can be granted to each household per year. To apply for this rebate, fill in the Tax Assistance to the Elderly Rebate form and provide proof annually to the Town of Newmarket, Property Tax department, that you remain eligible for the program listed above. 

Rebates for Heritage properties​

The Town of Newmarket offers a tax rebate to heritage properties, subject to designation or registration of a heritage easement agreement. To apply, complete the Heritage Tax rebate form and submit to the Planning Department. For more information on heritage properties visit our Heritage Conservation Planning​ page. 

Rebates for Vacant properties

Following community engagement, all York Region municipalities have voted to eliminate this program starting with the 2018 tax year.  Ontario Regulation 325/01 has been updated to reflect this change.