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Planning and Development

Planning and Development in Newmarket

Planning plays a big role in shaping the places where we live, work, and play. The planning process is used to build a vision for the future, set goals, and decide how to achieve them. Through planning, Newmarket's residents, businesses, community partners, and Town staff and council come together to build a community that is well beyond the ordinary.

Planning ensures that all the different land uses in a town, such as residential, commercial, and industrial, are allocated the right type and amount of land, in the right place. As the community grows and changes, the town itself continues to support that growth by providing the necessary infrastructure and services, protecting natural resources, preventing conflicting uses, and highlighting the community's cultural/historical assets. 

Since different community members have a wide variety of needs and desires, the planning process is used to figure out how to balance different interests with each other and broader Town-wide objectives. This process values the voices of all community members as the Town responds to current and emerging challenges/opportunities, ranging from land use, transportation, and sustainability, to community and economic development.

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Planning also processes all forms of applications under the Planning Act, including Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments, Subdivisions and CondominiumsSite Plan ApprovalsMinor Variances and Consents.

If you have received a Public Notice for a development application in the mail you can contact the Planning Department at to

provide your feedback. Additional information about the application is available on the Current Applications page.


The Town of Newmarket's Planning Services has adapted a hybrid process for improved customer service. The Planning department continues to service the community through in-person services at the Planning counter and digitally by phone/email. 

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For all general inquiries, please email or call 905-895-5193.