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​'Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl' – Jan. 21 at the Old Town Hall

Review by Rod Urquhart

If Rebecca Perry comes back to Newmarket and the historic Old Town Hall with her one-woman presentation of 'Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl' mark it immediately on your calendar for this award-winner. It's more than well-worth your time and your coffeeshop money!

The delightful ambience of the Old Town Hall was perfect for today's performance by Rebecca, whose only accompaniment is an electric piano player.  Not only is this a fantastic premise for a play – an anthropology graduate, Joanie Little, making the most out of her barista job by studying the 'creatures' (aka humans) of the Coffeeshop Jungle – but her top-notch singing and her lyrics are 'right-on'.

Rebecca not only wrote the play, but puts on this one-woman, 50-minute view of some very normal humans who take on some rather jungle attributes, like Gabe the Coffeeshop owner, who is more like a 'big ape' in her eyes.

As the appreciative audience finds out, Joanie Little has an ex-boyfriend, but soon enough meets a new man, a mysterious man, named Marco. Marco does more for Joanie than just become a love interest as he introduces her to the one-woman in the world she idolizes. As reported, "her comedic timing is spot on, her acting superb as she slips in and out of character, and her singing is pitch perfect."

But I won't give away the story in case this Fringe Festival Big Hit and multiple world-wide award-winner and Rebecca Perry come back to the sleepy town of Newmarket! I should say, the once 'sleepy town'. If the Town's Culture and Recreation Department has any say, as employee Janis Luttrell said at the beginning, "this is the perfect centre for many future productions."

If 'Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl' is any indication, Newmarket could easily now become a hub of really sensational theatre and musical acts. Stay tuned! And, as we find out at the end of today's show, "There is nothing 'little' about Joanie Little – and pretty soon, the same will be said about Newmarket's theatre presence!​

History of Newmarket's Old Town Hall

Newmarket's Old Town Hall is located at 460 Botsford Street. The two-storey Old Town Hall is an important part of Newmarket's history. It was opened in 1883 and began operating as a Farmers' Market, operating until the 1940s. The Farmers' Market brought a great deal of prosperity to the area and helped Newmarket's Main Street grow into the heart of the community. Directly across the street from the Old Town Hall is Market Square, an open meeting place where local events and celebrations are held. 

Since 2012, Newmarket's Old Town Hall had undergone substantial renovations​ to achieve architectural renaissance. A new atrium extension was added to the south side of the building representing the blending of the old and the new. Renovations and improvements were made throughout the building to make it fully accessible and ensure it functions as a culture hub  for theatre, music, dance, arts and cultural activities and numerous opportunities for continued economic 

The restoration of Old Town Hall is part of a joint project with the Federal and Provincial government in which the Town of Newmarket received approximately $3.4 million in funding. As a key driver of the Town's Cultural Master Plan, this landmark will act as a hub for arts and culture and will play a key role in the revitalization of Newmarket's downtown core.​

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