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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Town of Newmarket property owners will see a stormwater charge in 2017. 

Charging for stormwater isn't new. Previously, stormwater was charged through your property taxes and water and wastewater bill. The average resident will see a $45 (2.6% of the Town's levy) reduction on their property taxes and a $10 (0.7%) reduction on their water and wastewater bill. They will also see a new approximate $40 stormwater charge. The net savings with the charge is approximately $15 in 2017.​ Find out your stormwater charge by using the stormwater charge estimator​

The stormwater charge is like opening a separate savings account for stormwater and setting aside funds. This will ensure there is enough money for future stormwater management improvements. Municipalities such as Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Kitchener and Vaughan have a separate charge for stormwater. 

The stormwater charge represents a shift to ‘user pay’ where properties that produce more runoff (i.e. commercial and industrial properties) will pay a larger stormwater charge. 

Please view the video below to learn more about the stormwater charge and how stormwater management will benefit the community and the environment. 


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Stormwater is the rain and melted show that flows from your property, onto the streets and into the storm drains. Along the way, the stormwater picks up debris, chemicals and other pollutants from rooftops and paved surfaces.​

Newmarket implemented a stormwater charge because our Town is a growing community. Every rooftop and parking lot increases the water runoff that flows into the storm drains. Heavy rainfalls are also becoming more frequent because of climate change. All this stormwater is creating expensive wear and tear on our infrastructure and carrying pollutants into our watercourses and Lake Simcoe. The stormwater charge will be used to help improve our stormwater infrastructure and management program which will protect our homes from flooding and lakes and rivers from pollutants. 

The stormwater charge will be calculated based on the side of your property and the runoff level group rate. ​Runoff levels are divided into three groups: high, medium and low. Commercial and industrial properties are classified as high, residential properties are classified as medium and natural areas are classified as low. Please view below for the stormwater charge runoff level rate estimates. 

Stormwater charge calculation formula 

Size of property x runoff level group rate = stormwater charge

Based on the average lot in Newmarket, most homeowners will fall under the medium run off level group rate.  

Stormwater Charge Runoff Level Group Rate Estimates ​​

​Low runoff level ​group​Medium runoff level group​High runoff level group
Natural area - green space​​​​Residential.pngIndustrial.png
​Examples: natural areas, vacant properties, golf courses etc.​Examples: residential and institutional properties.​​Examples: Commercial, industrial and mixed-use buildings. 
​$0.013300 per square metre

$0.001236 per square foot

​$0.065045 per square metre

$0.006043 per square foot

​$0.130091 per square metre

$0.012086 per square foot​​

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