Report a Coyote Sighting


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Click here to report a coyote sighting using our online form. This is a community-driven resource to help identify and create awareness around where coyotes are seen.

Use the map below to see reported coyote sightings displayed over the past three months. Click on a paw print and then the arrow to see details on an individual sighting. Click on Town Property (green areas) to see statistics on sightings in that area.


You may also call the Town at 905-895-5193 to report a sighting. Please be able to provide as much information as possible, such as the date, time and location of the coyote sighting, number of coyotes spotted, if a pet was involved, behaviour and any other relevant information. 

Please remember to never let your pets run at large and to always keep them on a leash when out for a walk.